Have you purchased the household's furnishings, wardrobes, and kitchen cabinets? You cannot disregard one component of house decor, namely window curtains. They are among those essential decorative elements that can influence the mood of the space.

There are a plethora of options, from airy and light to substantial and decorative, from plain colours to designs, and from translucent fabrics to thick, opaque materials. With the variety of beautiful fabric choices, it can be difficult to determine what to choose for your windows.

Let us learn 10 tips on choosing the right curtains for your windows so you can easily beautify them.

1. Look at the type of window you have - sash or casement windows?

Windows with standard casements have curtains in the front that only extend across the width of the window, while those with sash type are a little wider as they extend all around the sides and back of your windows.

2. Go for a simple design or prefer the patterns?

The classic designs are plain and simple, giving the feel of an elegant room. You can still opt for a pattern if you wish, but make sure they are simple enough not to overpower your room's aesthetics.

3. Choose thin or thick materials?

Choose curtains with thinner material for your windows that have difficult-to-reach places like sides and top sections. When choosing thick materials for your casement or sash type of windows, ensure that you have fixed them properly with curtain rods.

4. Select the colour that reflects your mood and interior décor

If you want to look at plain colours, the ones to choose are white and black as they can easily match any room design; from modern to traditional, there is no fear when it comes to these colours.

5. Select a choice that can be combined with other colour schemes

Choose one that will not compete with your wall colours but will not add to the decor of the room because it may look faded if you have chosen a lighter colour than your wall. However, if you are going for a darker tone, ensure it is not too dark, as this may make your window seem closed or even hidden by the fabric of the curtains.

6. Go for fabric that can maintain the transparency of the window

If you have chosen a choice that is more on the opaque side, you can opt to place it in your room's smaller window. This way, the larger portion of your view will still be visible when looking outside.

7. Add privacy, yet let light and air keep flowing through

Your curtains should be such that they block out unwanted eyes or intruding lights or noise but let air and light pass freely inside so that your private moment with your loved ones can't hamper your romantic moment.

8. Decide on the number of panels required

Curtains come in various panels, from the traditional four-panel to more modern ones with more contours and shapes like diamonds, circles and rectangles. Go for whichever type you think will best enhance your window's look.

9. Choose a washable material

Your curtains should be able to withstand daily washings without causing them to deteriorate or tear apart. It is an important aspect to consider when choosing your curtains.

10. Check the looking of the window itself

Check whether your glass window has a sort of railing or edge around it to make sure that the curtain will not be able to tangle on it or even get stuck in it when you intend to close them. You can always opt for a curtain rod holder to guard against bad-case scenarios.


Q: What is the approximate cost of curtain fabric?
A: Averagely, the cost of fabrics is $12 to $30 per yard, depending on the design, fabric quality and other factors.
Q: What is a blackout curtain?
A: They are curtains that block out light by having a darker colour or by being a thick material. These curtains are ideal for those with sleeping disorders, such as those who get up early in the morning or have trouble sleeping because of intense light.
Q: What types of decor should I also consider for my window?
A: You can add attractive decor to your room by incorporating other decorative elements such as beautiful accessories, wall decorations, light bulbs and rugs.

Final Fact:

Curtains are said to have fallen into disuse bookshelves. They were called draperies if a person was successful in crafting them during the Victorian era. When the name became shortened, it was a certain period.

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