As human beings, we sometimes forget how a simple conversation can make everything better. Why does this happen? Here are ten simple reasons:

The first reason is that chatting forces one to show his or her qualities that others may find attractive, such as one’s sense of humor, intellect, and one’s ability to motivate or influence others. The most successful people in the world are those who can relay a sense of purpose for others in a conversation or sends the message that he or she are personally confident in what one say or do.

Second, chatting builds posture since it forces one to physically portray a sense of confidence.

Third, chatting allows one to personalize an interaction with things such as a smile or handshake that an e-mail or phone conversation may lack. That handshake or smile could be the difference between getting a deal or date versus not having one. With phone chatting, things might change a bit, however the difference between voice tones and inflexions can make the difference between a stale phone call and a successful one.

Fourth, chatting with someone can uplift one’s spirits since one could discuss all of his or her frustrations with someone who may be empathetic or could provide advice or encouragement. This, over time, gives one a healthier avenue to relieve his or her stress rather than through other means such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, et cetera.

One does not need to be reminded that a simple conversation can make a person feel that he or she has a purpose in this world, which can help him or her more than money buy. A conversation could give the sense that one is there for the other person in a difficult situation, which can stave off depression and doubt. Conversations also allow ideas to be exchanged that have never been discussed before. Over time, this can boost one’s intelligence and solve problems that were once described as been unsolvable. Simple chats also allow one to simplify complex ideas into a more basic idea—a great tool for a politician. Finally, a simple conversation can one a simple break from staring at a computer or a report and allows one to be around others who may be more important than ask he or she is doing.

Chatting also helps one to improve on any weaknesses he or she may personally have, such as a phone-fright or making assertive statements one must match his or her words with the appropriate tone and look. Conversations also allow one to send a clear and simplified message in one setting that may take several e-mails to do.

In essence, chatting truly humanizes people in a sometimes inhuman world, which is the best reason to converse anyways.

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