Student phase is one of the important phases of life. This is the stage where one learns new subjects and starts learning about the vastness of life. A student studies hard and tries to score good marks and grades in exams. There is a lot of pressure and stress that happens while preparing and giving exams. Be it a school or a college–overall, the student phase is a challenging phase that needs some strategies to sail through peacefully.

How to study without stress and score good marks in exams? How to enjoy studying? Here are some tips.

10 tips to study better:
1. Create a study schedule: Have a proper schedule in place where you allocate some time to study your subjects. Create a realistic schedule that can be followed by you. Don’t be too lenient or strict while creating the schedule. Be moderate in your approach. Once you have the schedule in place, follow it. Don’t let any excuses come in.

2. Study every day: It’s tempting to postpone studying and just cram everything before the exam. But, this causes lots of stress on the mind, and the mind cannot absorb much. This leads to sleepless nights before exams, and it is unproductive. So, study every day. Even if its 15 minutes per subject, give that time to each subject daily. When you do this, you enjoy your study and gain a lot more than studying just before exams. You gain confidence, and you will have the opportunity to actually understand the subject than just scoring well in exams. And it also makes the journey easy for you. Just spending a few minutes every day is far more beneficial than spending hours before the exam.

3. Avoid distractions: Social media, mobile/video games, and internet are modern-day distractions. Undoubtedly, they are fun, but addiction to them prevents a student from doing well in studies. Have a designated time for them and enjoy them but only in the designated time. During study time, completely stay away from these distractions. When you are studying, only study and don’t let your focus go to these distractions. Don’t check your Facebook or WhatsApp while studying. When you check your Facebook while studying, before you even realize, you while away your entire time and you feel tired to study. Your energies are drained. So, when you are studying, fully focus on studies and not on anything else. Even if its just 30 minutes of study, study with focus and concentration without any distractions.

4. Take breaks: Take a break as and when you need it. When you study, your mind gets tired. So, it needs a break to refresh. Studying continuously without breaks is not productive. Take breaks and use your breaks to recharge your mind. A refreshed and sharp mind can absorb and retain more than a tired and dull mind.

5. Exercise or play outdoor games: When you exercise or play outdoor games regularly, your ability to concentrate and focus improves. Your creativity and memory are enhanced. The time you spend on physical activity is not a waste of time but a productive usage of your time. So, dedicate some time for physical activity every day. This also keeps you fit and improves your confidence.

Outdoor games
6. Practice Super brain yoga: This is an excellent technique that helps in concentration, focus, memory, and creativity. It enhances your ability to comprehend lessons and cuts down the time it takes to comprehend. Regular practice of super brain yoga makes you sharp-minded and intelligent. So, do super brain yoga 7 to 14 times every day. It takes you less than 2 minutes to do it, but you reap tremendous benefits out of this simple practice.

7. De-stress yourself: Stress is a common phenomenon of modern life. It drains your energy and prevents you from being productive. So, take some time and de-stress yourself. Deep breathing is an excellent technique to de-stress regularly. Once in a week, spend time in nature and recharge yourself. Also, take some time for relaxation. When you de-stress regularly, you become fresh-minded, and you can learn more.

8. Make your study interesting: When your study is boring, it is tough to study for a long time. You will find excuses to avoid studying. So, find ways to make it interesting. Imagine interesting characters or make some funny stories. Read your subjects like you are studying some storybook. Read with curiosity and make it a fun activity. Don’t read with the stress of scoring good marks. When you enjoy the study, you can retain the information better, you can study longer, and you will definitely score better marks. So, make it a point to enjoy your study process.

9. Break it down: Break down the entire chapter into small topics and focus on one topic at a time. Breaking down makes it easy to study and will not overwhelm you. Just focus on one topic in your study time and understand it well. This gives you confidence and boosts you to study more.

10. Review and reward yourself: Weekly once, review how you are doing in each of your subjects. Be honest in your review. When you think you have done really well in any subject, celebrate it and reward yourself with a small treat. When you celebrate your small successes, you feel motivated to achieve more, and you feel good about yourself.

These are some study tips you can follow. Don’t take stress while studying because life is bigger than the exams. There is a lot more to life than marks and grades. You have your parents, teachers, friends to support you in your journey. Take their support. At the same time, don’t be complacent because it feels really bad to repeat a class when all your friends moved to a higher class. It feels bad to live less than one’s true potential. So, give your best and enjoy the journey. Student life is a great opportunity to learn new things. Enjoy this phase and make the most out of your life.

Have fun!

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