Digestive problems are more common to occur in almost all of us and you are not alone if you have identified that something is wrong with your digestive system.

One simple rule to keep your stomach happy and healthy is to balance your eating quantities as well as the quality of foods (proper nutrition) that you consume.

Starving your stomach by not eating proper foods or overeating the foods are both the major drawbacks that show up in the form of digestive problems. Your choice of foods can also determine whether your stomach is healthy and safe.

If you are in a search of making your stomach healthy and safe, worry no more! Whether it is bloating, diarrhoea, frequent abdominal pain or heartburns, these 10 tips and remedies will cure all your digestive problems and keep them at a bay!

1.Choose Easily Digestible Foods To Soothe Your Stomach

If you have been eating regularly but you are still unable to cure your digestive problems, the problem is definitely in the choice of your foods. Some foods can be too hard on your stomach and make the digestive process much difficult.

Here is the best list of foods to choose from so that the digestive process becomes much smoother and easier.

• Bananas
• Sweet potatoes
• Quinoa
• Oatmeal
• Boiled or mashed potatoes
• Guavas
• Yoghurt
• White rice

2.Drink Hot Water On An Empty Stomach

This is one of those significant remedies that might seem so simple but can still show an amazingly positive impact on your digestive health.

You can invariably get rid of almost all kinds of digestive problems by simply drinking two glasses of hot water early in the morning on an empty stomach because hot water can help in a better contraction and relaxation of your intestinal muscles.

If you cannot really drink plain water, you can squeeze a fresh lime into the hot water and add a few tablespoons of honey to it.

#You can simply prefer plain water devoid of lemon and honey if you are suffering from acid reflux as it may increase the severity of acid reflux symptoms.

Nevertheless, this is the best remedy that works wonders for all kinds of digestive problems.

3. Stay Away From Foods That Cause Bloating

Bloating can be identified by a swollen belly that is caused due to the excessive formation of gas in the stomach. You can easily get rid of bloating if you follow these two steps.

a)Avoid the Following Foods That Cause Bloating

• Beans
• Lentils
• Brussel sprouts
• Aerated drinks
• Garlic
• Barley
• Onions
• Rye

b)Follow these remedies that will reduce the bloating

• Drink ginger tea on a regular basis
• Eat more cucumbers
• Eat more artichokes

• Drink one tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar on alternate days

• Drink 2 litres of water per day
• Eat more avocados, mangoes, bananas and kiwis

3.Chew Fennel Seeds After Meals

Be it bloating, indigestion or constipation, fennel seeds show a great impact in treating all kinds of digestive issues!

You can, in fact, grow a small plant in your backyard and use the leaves to cure your digestive problems. You just have to grind some leaves and boil them in water.
Strain off the leaves and collect the water in a separate cup. You can add a pinch of salt to this and drink it after your meals to get rid of all the inconvenience caused in your stomach.

However, chewing fennel seeds can instantly show a positive effect on your digestive health.

4.Check Whether You Are Lactose Intolerant

Most of us cannot really identify whether we are lactose intolerant and become clueless about what could be the cause of the inconvenience in our stomach.

If your body is really intolerant to lactose, you will identify the symptoms of abdominal pain, bloating and indigestion soon after consuming a glass of warm milk or soon after consuming dairy products on an empty stomach.
Your small intestine should contain an enzyme called lactase that should effectively break down the component called lactose into smaller molecules, the failure of which can cause the lactose intolerance symptoms.
#Check by consuming milk or other dairy products on an empty stomach.

5. Cut Down On Cigarettes And Alcohol

The ability of your stomach to absorb various nutrients can gradually decrease if there is a continuous impact of cigarettes and alcohol on your stomach lining. Cutting down on such addictive is the best and primary remedy to obtain a relief from gastritis.

No matter how many nutrient-rich, healthy foods you consume, your body will not be able to absorb the nutrients if you do not cut down on cigarettes and alcohol.

If you cannot really resist yourself from drinking or smoking, you can watch various tutorials that give you a stepwise procedure and guide you on getting rid of the addiction.

The next time you feel an urge to drink or smoke, just keep reminding yourself of the dangerous consequence of various digestive disorders that have been making you suffer.

6.Take Long And Soothing Evening Baths

Taking warm baths twice in a day can benefit your digestion because the impact of hot or warm water on your muscles is so amazingly great!

If you have been feeling troublesome because of bloating, indigestion or cramps in the stomach, you will experience a deep sense of relaxation when you treat your stomach with something nice and warm. (something like a warm, scented bath)

Also, warm baths can regulate your body temperatures and improve your blood circulation. But it is not advisable to take bath after heavy meals as it will result in an improper blood circulation.

Wait for at least two to three hours after your meals before taking a nice, relaxing and soothing hot bath.

7.This One Yoga Pose Can Beat All The Digestive Problems

Most of the Yoga poses are needed to be practiced early in the morning on an empty stomach. But, the specialty of this Yoga pose is such, it is particularly aimed at curing all kinds of digestive disorders which is why it has to be practiced soon after you are done with your meals.

Vajrasana is your way to go because this pose has benefited a large number of people in obtaining a permanent relief from all kinds of digestive disorders.

How to Perform Vajrasana?

Unlike other complex Yoga poses, you need not immensely twist or stretch your body to perform vajrasana. You will love this most effortless, relaxing and peace-giving Yoga pose!

• You can choose any place, your lawn, backyard, a yoga mat, a clean mattress or even your comfy bed to kneel down.

• Rest your buttocks on your ankles and stay in the position for at least five minutes, but there is no time limit for this pose. Basically, you can continue staying in the position for as long as you can.

• The pose can help you get rid of almost all kinds of digestive disorders like indigestion, bloating, constipation or any other digestive disorder.

8. Sip Water At Regular Intervals

Most of the digestive problems occur because of the lack of proper hydration. Your body may not receive the required cooling effect which shows a direct impact on your digestive health.

An excess heat in your body can be indicated by cramps in the stomach. You can combat this by a regular and frequent intake of water.

Helping your body in acquiring 2 litres of water per day by sipping water at regular intervals can help you fight all kinds of digestive disorders. Make sure you give your body enough water so that the food particles get digested properly.

9. Drink Peppermint Tea Once In A Day

One simple act of making this healthy beverage a part of your daily life can help you get rid of all kinds of digestive disorders.

Apart from aiding in a healthy digestion, peppermint tea has a wide range of other health benefits. Also, you won’t need much time to prepare this tasty and beneficial tea.

How to prepare peppermint tea?

• Take some peppermint leaves and put them into the boiling water
• Let the water absorb the essence of the leaves
• Separate the water from the leaves using a sieve or a mesh
• Squeeze a fresh lime into this and add a tablespoon of honey to the tea and relish the drink tasty and healthy.

10. Limit Your Caffeine Content

If you are a coffee maniac and you experience heartburn or bloating, it is an alarming sign that indicates the problems of acid reflux or gastrointestinal problems.
However, you need not completely stop drinking your favorite beverage. All you need to do is reduce the intake. You can make a habit of drinking coffee twice in a week instead of gulping down one cup of coffee per day.

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