What you think can students reverse everyday study stress easily just like munching chocolates? Yes, it is possible by following some easy steps in their daily study schedule. Stress is the worst part that affects largely in academic results. The excessive stress often affects in diminishing results. Being the teacher of CBSE schools in Amravati, I have discovered that when the stress is regularly built over the time in students, it leads to serious problems like depression. This problem is noticed in number of students from list of CBSE board schools in Amravati. The competitive world and the immense efforts required to cut through it to live a luxurious life has given rise to additional stress in students. Unlike before, today there is a huge competition to grab a good opportunity and, thus students stress them to acquire high degrees to meet the expectations.
Students are not affected by stress from academic fields, but there are other common stresses like social and daily life stress which ultimately affects the academic results.

Common stresses for students


For today’s students, it is essential to be socially active. Apart from completing the vast syllabus, the students need to arrange time for social activities. Today’s study strategies include social activities as well. Building healthy new relationship, balancing academic life with social activities, living independently in a new environment, etc. indirectly triggers stress in students.

Daily life

Students living independent in hostels or in a paying guest need to manage lots of works on own. Maintaining daily good communication with everyone, many of them continues with a part-time job, financial burdens, etc. affects on a daily basis in student’s life.


Securing high scores, competition in between, deadlines to finish projects, vast syllabus, strict schedules, and series of exams and performing well in each of it, managing time as well as maintaining good health, etc are reasons that are noticed to affect academic results.
When the students are unable to handle the pressure of the above different stresses, they undergo depression and in turn it affects their academic progress. To overcome such stresses, the students can follow the stress managing tips that help students to deal with their worries and stay efficient and productive unaffectedly throughout.

Tips for students to overcome the stress

Manage time

As the students need to balance social and daily activities in addition to academic, it is essential to manage time properly. Many students fail to manage time and lastly get frustrated with pending works.
For students, they need to divide the time for studies, social activities, small breaks, sound sleep, eating food timely, and much more. As a student, he/she focuses majorly on studies, but other parts need to be concentrated as well. So, it’s crucial for the students to stick to a plan.

Get well organized

Stress to a large part can be dealt easily by organizing academic life. Collecting and making notes regularly, completing assignments by deadlines, arranging additional textbooks if required for additional information and knowledge, and much more. Pending works and lack of information often results in poor grades.

Organized your study area

When you study in a messy place, it literally distracts your mind and creates disturbances. The other way, well organized study area refreshes your mood and increases your productivity. Keep your study area clean and clear. Pile up the books and all required stationers in one place. File up your loose sheets.

Avoid delaying works

You need to avoid delaying works. To stop procrastinating, you can choose to complete the difficult tasks on first hand. It has been noticed in students that they fear the tough tasks and keep it aside to be completed later. They start with the easy works and spend enough time after it. The toppers suggest starting with the toughest task and ending it up at earliest. It leaves you a bit relaxed towards the end of the academic year during exams.

Be optimistic

Feed you with positive thoughts and shrugged off the failure thoughts in you. Constantly focusing on the negative thoughts often burdens you with mental stress. It’s unwise to keep thinking about bad grades and stress you. Always maintain a positive attitude and look forward for better results next time.

Physical and mental exercises

Staying fit and relaxed mind is crucial for the students. Some days in academic session, the students literally require breaking their nerves to hit hard and get the scores. In such times, body and mind, both need exercise and rest. Having half an hour yoga or meditation or even morning walk under the open sky refreshes mind and fills energy in the body that continues throughout the day.

Go step by step

Don’t rush to complete the syllabus just in one day. Often, the students get overwhelmed and in excitement, they rush to cover the major part of studies in short duration. This makes you tired after a time. The right way to cover the syllabus is to make a list of studies and tasks and sort it out one by one. This helps largely in being more efficient and productive with time.

Spend time with the friends and family

Spending time with friends is good medicine to stressed mind. You should stay in touch with your good friends always even during exams time. Friend means sharing joys and sorrows, fun and laughter, and even they help in studies often. You need to limit time spent with them. Friend’s company always make feel better, but it’s time to concentrate in studies more.
Sometimes stress gets worst when you need to spend time or share your inner talks, but you are all alone. This loneliness adds to one’s stress. Friends are the better solution in such situations. Sharing all your thoughts with someone you trust the most, you feel much better.
Water intake in different ways
Drinking water is always good for health and mind. You need to drink adequate water to keep you hydrate. Warm water baths and showers, especially at the end of the day, helps you extensively to liberate the entire day stress and feel fresh.

Do your favorite

At least for 10 minutes, just love you the way you feel happy. Laughter is a good therapy for everyone and finds reasons and makes you laugh loudly at least once in the entire day. But, you need not waste time after it.


The above listed tips can be used to learn study skills, exam preparation, and make learning easier and interesting and minimizing stress level the same time. Try out, it works greatly!!!

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