1. Think Prosperously
Prosperity is a frame of mind, an attitude by which you live and breathe abundance. Astounding success always starts with astounding mental preparations and exercises. Think of this like a new born baby or freshly planted seeds in a garden. You must tend to these in order for them to grow. The more love and care you pour in, the better your results.

2. Think Only About Good Times Even in Hard Times
There’s an old joke, when your friends are unemployed it’s a recession, but when you’re unemployed it’s a depression. Well, don’t believe any of this. In order to achieve and maintain success you must keep an attitude that no matter how tough things get, it can’t get you. You must keep expecting and generating successful attitudes and feelings.

3. Allow Prosperity to Find You
Old, bad habits and choices may die hard, but rest assured they can and will die, just as everything does. Say for example that you are a writer, but always choose to refrain from speaking engagements because you feel it’s not in your arena. If one day you find yourself approached with an offer to make money through speaking engagements, try agreeing to the deal. Allow yourself to branch out and be open to making new decisions and taking new positive actions, it just may be prosperity knocking at your door.

4. Believe That if You Are More Prosperous Others Will Be Too
It is in fact better to give than to receive. This is true on many levels, but primarily because in order to be the giver in this equation you must first have. If you are coming from an attitude of abundance, which is one of the most fundamental necessities to being prosperous, then you should be coming from an attitude in which there is plenty to go around for everyone, and no one should go without. To achieve this, you must give and contribute to the circular flow that is life.

5. Avoid Being Stuck on a Specific Problem or Hang Up
People get stuck in ruts no matter what they are doing. Runners who are training for a marathon may one day “hit a wall” and they just can’t get themselves to put on those running shoes and train one more day. The answer is to get those running shoes on and go out there and run anyway. No matter what problem or rut you are hung up on, allow your heart to carry on even if your circumstances are saying no. Chances are you will feel even better and more accomplished pulling yourself out of a rut than you would if it was smooth sailing the whole way.

6. Apply 4 Rules for Making Money
1.Earn the Money: Do what you can to keep cash flowing in.
2.Save the Money: Think of your net worth like a bath tub, make sure you are letting the level increase and the drain is plugged properly.
3.Increase your Net Worth: Buy life insurance, invest in stock or bonds or a new office building.
4.Be a Philanthropist: When we can or when we are asked, it is important that we volunteer thought, time, money, talent, or anything of value to a community or association we believe in.

7. Be Confident in Your Actions
Once you have determined what you want and what your goals are, don’t let anyone or anything get in your way. All you need to begin your journey on the road to prosperity is a positive idea and the courage to believe in it, no matter what. Be convinced that everything you need to be successful is available to you and can be achieved.

8. Always Push Forward
The story of the tortoise and the hare teaches us that slow and steady wins the race. Although the hare seemed like he had the race in the bag, the tortoise’s persistence is what paid off in the end to win. Remember, good things come to those who wait. And if you keep a positive, forward thinking attitude while you’re waiting, you just may find yourself waiting less and reaping more benefits.

9. Expect a Lot from Yourself, and Deliver More
A good hotel has clean rooms and comfortable beds. A great hotel has clean rooms, comfortable beds, newspapers and coffee in the morning and a mint on your pillow at night. In order to achieve ultimate success and prosperity, go the extra mile. Surprise people with something they weren’t expecting out of your services or products, and it just might surprise them enough to tell someone else about how great it was. The opportunities and benefits from achieving a good reputation are endless.

10. Put Yourself on the Right Career Track for You
Typically, working takes up a huge block of your day to day time and mental space. Lots of people spend their lives in quiet depression working in unfulfilling careers. Falling into a pattern like this is a sure way to avoid prosperity. Everyone on the planet has a niche, has something they love to contribute. If you can realize yours and turn it into your career, that is success in itself. If you are having trouble choosing a good career path for yourself, try following the link below to Jung Typology Test developed by Carl Jung and Isabelle Myers-Briggs to help you find the right occupations to match your personality type.

For more on prosperity check out “Dare to Win” by New York Times best selling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

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