If you have never spoken in public before you more than likely dread the thought of it, or if you have had a bad experience you may now have a crisis of confidence. Let me assure you these fears and more can be overcome. Here are the most common:-

•Fear of drying up
•Fear of forgetting
•Fear of going on too long
•Fear of boring people
•Fear of not sounding right
•Fear of trembling hands and trembling voice
•Fear of having a weak speech
YES you can overcome the lot. Here are just a few tips on which to get started:-

1.Prior to writing the speech/presentation collect ideas, stories, interesting facts, anything that you may be able to use before you start to write.
2.When you write the speech there must be a beginning, a middle and close.
3.The beginning should be an interesting fact or a people story. The purpose is to get their attention, it is best not to have a weak joke.
4.The middle is the content, this is where you make your case or present your main theme.
5.Illustrate the speech with stories or people to make it interesting. Genuine case histories and examples are excellent.
6.The better the preparation the less the fear and the more confident you will feel.
7.Always take some deep breaths before you start, this will settle the nerves.
8.Always have notes with big writing. Your notes must be your aid not a trap.
9.Remember the 6 P’s – Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
10.Invest in yourself, get some training, this will reap untold rewards, every good speaker has had some training.

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Over the past 20 years Richard has become a legend on the international speaking circuit. The Richard Denny Group is recognised at the forefront of business training, selling, leadership and management, customer care and business growth. http://www.denny.co.uk/