Part 3 of 3 part series: Living Creative Results

Part 1 of this series helped get you started – discovering that you do have a creative side and how to access it. Part 2 focused on dealing with the gremlins. You know - the self-limiting beliefs that invade your mind.

Now, it’s time to focus on what’s ahead. What are your creative goals? What do you dream about? How will you share your creative genius? You’ve accessed your creative energy, beat the challenges and now what do you do?

Bask in the creative genius you have uncovered, engaged and is fruitful.

Here are the remaining 4 secrets designed to support you in living your creative results.

Secret #1: Making the Hurdles. When you decide to put your creative genius “out there” be prepared for rejection. However, these rejections are like hurdles. You start running and jump one hurdle at a time – never looking back. Better yet, be proactive. Identify and overcome your hurdles before they appear on the track.

Secret #2: Creative Supports. The first support for any creative process is gratitude. Be grateful for your talent, your ambition, your genius, and your perseverance. Next, welcome prosperity. Prosperity is when you are living your life on your terms – according to what matters to you. Don’t confuse prosperity with money or material things. As my mother always said, “You can’t take it with you!” Think about the things you value most in your life; relationships, God, friends, generosity, and the list goes on. In fact, make a list to see what prosperity exists in your life.

You possess the power to influence your prosperity.

Secret #3: Relationship to the Creative Process. Love your creative work. Be an active participant in the creative process. Get rid of everything that distracts or sidelines your creative genius. You know what that is – chasing others’ goals, not listening to your ‘inner fluency,’ blaming, refusing to forgive and self-pity just to name a few. Don’t wait for your creative process to happen – make it happen.

Secret #4: Creative Influence. What good are you using your creative genius for? How is it working for you and others? Think about the impact at various levels of your contribution. What message are you sending? What story needs to be told? When you share your work you develop another perspective, increased commitment, and deeper connection to your audience.

Okay, you have the 12 secrets to unleash the power of your creative thought. What will you do next? Are you going to say, “Great posts, Karen!” then proceed to put off unleashing your creativity? If that’s true, then ask yourself what you are afraid of? Sometimes, women are really afraid of their impact and influence. They may have more creative power than they believe they can handle. Notice I said believe. Yes, ladies, it’s all in your head!

Best selling author, Cheryl Richardson, lectures on the benefits and necessity of extreme self care. She says, “Extreme Self Care means making choices and decisions that honor our soul in everyday life. When living a life of Extreme Self Care is about living and working in a soul-nurturing environment, surrounding ourselves with beauty, spending time in nature, doing work that give us a chance to fully express our creativity and talent.”

Cheryl’s point on extreme self care emphasizes the need to take care of you. Women need to nurture their well-being, their relationship to themselves, and develop the talents that express who they are. The world is waiting!

As a psychologist who practiced for 15+ years there is truth in the prior statement. It starts in your head. Whatever you believe is your reality. You can change your reality in a split-second.

Women are afraid. I know I was when I started this process. My fear was who would care or listen to my creative thought. I rolled up my sleeves, said yes to me (and no to lots of others), starting writing, put it out there and here I am. Nobody was more surprised than me. And yes, if I can do it – you can do it!

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