In this article, we fully explain how you can increase your website traffic. You can use this strategy to increase traffic to your site several times. These strategies are part of the best and most practical ways in 2019. 
 Here are some tips for these strategies:

1 Guest “upside-down” 
 2. Changes and Updates of Old Articles 
 3. Link to Twitter 
 4. Content optimization using linguistic expressions or lsi keyword 
 5. Creating More Traffic for Blog Posts By Converting Content Transformation 
 6. Use podcast 
 7. Promote your site on others’ blogs 
 8. Content Release Strategy 
 9. Use of influential people in content 
 10. Share the video on LinkedIn 
 11. Use of Competitive Phrases 
 12. Use Content Stimulating Phrases 
 13. Rejuggling or re-targeting using Facebook ads 
 14. Reduce bounce rate or Jump Rate from Website

  1. Guest “upside-down”

Guest post is considered as a transaction. 
 You so-called merchandise for your business. The

But there is a problem with guest posts. Stay tuned to get the full description. Article audience you read to the end, but usually the author box that they do not pay attention to it and pass. We cannot blame them or force that must be read author box. 
 The so-called writer’s box is buried at the bottom of the page. Like the picture below:
 This can be a very big problem. If users do not see the authors’ profile, they certainly will not visit the author's site. 
 Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: use the upside-down guest post.

If you want to know what’s upside down, keep up with us. We will explain to you step by step:

1- The first step to writing a guest post, like other articles, is to pay attention to its quality and exclusivity. 
 2- The second step is to put the “Useful Resources” link in the guest’s post. In this section, put 2 to 3 links from helpful resources related to your topic. 
 3- Finally, link your content as one of the helpful resources. 
 For example, you wrote a guest post and published it, like the image below:

For these posts, strategies and tactics are considered; in this case, the content generated by yourself is to be referred to as useful resources so that people enter their site through these links. 
 Studies have shown that such links make 78% more linking to the targeted web traffic authors’ profile. This method can increase the traffic of the site by at least doubled and get a lot of input from Google.

Changes and Updates of Old Articles

This simple strategy makes 50% more traffic to our site in 7 days.

Here’s what you need to do to update your old articles: 
 -Find the old posts that are on your site. 
 -Step Two: Make important changes to some posts and update them. 
 -Specifically, specify the posts that need to change each part and make the necessary changes based on the needs of the day and delete the old content.

-Finally, click the update button. 
 After that you will notice that traffic to your site has multiplied. 
 As you see in the photo, the organic traffic of your website has multiplied, and you can get organic audiences through organic search engines. According to the experience, major changes to blog posts multiply the increase in site traffic, so when you change an article, Google thinks adding content to your site and showing the updated article to the audience. Give You can get a lot of inputs and you will get targeted organic website traffic for sure.

Use the link to Twitter “Click to Tweet”

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your site is to share your content on social networks such as Twitter. In fact, Click to Tweet links are one of the reasons why posts from a site up to 1000 have been reached.

In the following, we’ll teach you how to put links to work properly: 
 — find the terms that are relevant to your Twitter content in your content. This phrase can be a short phrase, a strategy, a quote, or a statistic. For example, put your posts in the list of link building strategies. 
 Create a link for Twitter: Create a twitter 
 link (click to Tweet) on your content page, and create links using uhm tools to find out how much traffic you’ve attracted through Twitter. 
 — Finally, place your own links in your content. In this way, you can share easily with your audience.

-Content optimization using hidden expressions or lsi keyword

There are various ways to create traffic for the website, but lsi keyword or hidden phrases is the best way you can attract many audiences and increase your website traffic. Many of the methods are outdated and are no longer used to rank the search engines. Because the Google Hummingbird algorithm has changed all the SEO related strategies. Google will now fully understand the issue of the pages of the site and will find out what the subject of a site is through the hidden and related words. Google has said that Hummingbird’s algorithm affects 90% of searches. This is a very awesome theme. But maybe it’s up to you how can you make sure Google understands the content of your site?

Hidden words or LSI Keyword

LSI words, words or phrases related to the final keywords you want to identify through your site’s subject. 
 For example; you wrote a post about social media. 
 The keywords lsi and phrases like the following are the words are conceptual.

1 Facebook pages 
 2. Twitter 
 3. Linkdin 
 4 Viral content 
 5. Pinterest

When Google sees the Lsi keywords in your content, it will find that content is text generated on social media. Maybe it’s up to you how to find these LSI keywords? There are various Americans and foreign tools available for this. But there is an external tool called lsigraph that is very useful and useful. 
 This tool will find and display the relevant LSI keywords related to the topic and you can put these words in your blog posts.

-Create More Traffic for Blog Posts By Converting Content to Content Transformation

Converting content to other formats is very simple. For example, you can turn one of your blog posts into other formats such as e-book, video, podcast, infographic and more. buy mobile traffic to catch them right where they are at. One of your best prospects might be on vacation standing in a three-hour line at Disney right now waiting to ride a rollercoaster and is killing time getting a jump on their business goals trying to find YOU! All mobile traffic comes from iOS and Android devices. You can even target a category!
 For example, find one of your blog posts that is trending more and convert it into a video format. First, consider the number of social network shares and the number of comments posted below the post, then convert that post to another format and share it on social networks. For example, if your chosen theme is a video, post your post on social networks such as YouTube, Apples, Play, Watch, and more. This way, you can get more traffic from the web.

-Promote your site on another blog

To view more of your site, you can post your own articles in other blogs. For example, if you are in the field of website design, find bloggers from this area and send them an email saying that you want to create a quality and unique article that can be very useful for your blog and, in return, have a number of backlinks. Get. This way, you can increase your site traffic several times.

-Content retrieval strategy

List the content in your blog and find any of them that can be part of the day’s issues, make changes to it, and then re-publish it. You can use social networks and email marketing systems to publish this article. Be sure to increase your site visit by several times. The

-Use of influential people in the content

It’s best to use influential people in your field of work in the articles you write. In this way, you can attract people who are interested in these businesses. As your audience grows, search engines will increase their rank.

-Share videos on LinkedIn

Based on the statistics, publishing video on LinkedIn will increase your interaction with your audience. You can also attract many audiences and get many entries through social networks.

-Use competitive expressions

By using competitive expressions, you can attract more visitors in addition to increasing sales. Use phrases such as free, affordable, and discounts. You can also race, and in addition to people who always come to your site, you can attract other audiences to your site.

  1. Use content provocative expressions

Incentive expressions include phrases that, when individuals deal with such content, are interested in publishing them in various media.

-Use podcast

Today, people who have less time to study use podcasts. The podcast can be a miracle and puts many audiences at your website. 
 But that does not mean that you need to have a studio and professional equipment for podcasting. You can start podcasting with the smallest features, and you can also use podcast posts on your site. 
 Based on the experience gained, podcasting can increase visitors to your site several times. As you can see in the picture, 984 entries have been logged to the podcast. These podcasts bring you thousands of visitors to sites like Soundcloud, You can put links at the bottom of the page and this way let users log in to your site. Wouldn’t you rather just float around in a pool this summer rather than scrambling to figure out how your target demographic is going to find your website? Want a quick, easy and safe way to increase your visibility while not lifting a finger? Buy website traffic cheap and we will send traffic your way. There are many different types of traffic, from our standard website to targeted by US State and category to our premium keyword-driven organic traffic.

-Reduce the bounce rate or Jump Rate

High bounce rate can cause serious damage to your site, can even harm SEO. In the Google Rank Ranking algorithm, bounce rate is of great importance. 
 There are many ways to reduce bounce rate, these methods include:

  • Speed up your website.
  • Pay attention to your user experience or UX site.
  • Create unique and relevant content.
  • Write your own internal linking strategy accurately and accurately.
  • Improved your design.
  • Improve how to login.
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