Not everybody fancies to spend Christmas opening presents and singing Christmas carols and having an exotic dinner with the family at home. If you feel the same way and want to celebrate Christmas in an extraordinary way with your family. There is a lot to do for you this Christmas. Here is a list of amazing venues that can make your Christmas a fun-filled and amazing holiday:
Visit To The Pacific Park:
Disneyland is always up to making your every visit a memory. This place in Santa Monica Pier doubles the fun and the enjoyment for you and your family by adding some great and thrill rides as well.

Skating Over The Ice:

Skating over the ice is not fun at times. Watching people skating add more fun and flavor to the thing. Southland offers seasonal ice rinks outdoor are open for holidays and getting you more fun.

Take A Chillpill At Queen Mary:

The cold temperature in Long Beach area always remains colder than it usually is throughout the year, when Queen Mary gets surrounded by ice in the amazing winter season. Christmas seems to be the perfect moment to get a retreat and enjoy the holiday village that is covered with ice tubing, ice skating and a plenty of merriment of the Christmas season.

The Light Display In The Neighborhood:

Even if you’re someone who doesn’t fancy celebrating Christmas, you can watch a great display of the holiday lights makes your evenings an amazing time to carry on with your activities. You can always have a look at it in the Orange County.

Winter Fest Happening In OC Fairgrounds:

The holiday season gets a nice view of the snow-covered county and an opportunity to hang out at Costa Mesa’s OC Fair and Event Center. You can do a lot of stuff to enjoy the season with a number amazing activities that include a number of entertainment activities throughout the season. This includes Christmas Day as well.

The Attractions Set Out At The Beverly Cinema:

This is one great way to get your kids up and close with some old-fashioned and silly feature that include Marx Brothers with W.C. Fields and Charlie McCarthy.

Enjoy Watching The Whales:

Decembers marks the season where you can watch the whales as the gigantic mammals set off with their journey to the south. You can add more stuff to it by going on a cruise and enjoy whale watching. Get the insights on the interesting world of whales over the internet using Spectrum silver package.

Hike Up To The Mountains:

You can simply drive or stay close to a hiking destination. You can also group up to take a hiking trail to the mountain areas with a friend or family.

Set Off On Bike Riding Experience:

If you’re someone who loves to hit the road on a winter’s night, then there is no other way to enjoy that while riding a bike and traveling to a far-off destination. So take the dust off your bike and start your engines.

There is a lot to do to maximize your fun and entertainment experience on Christmas Day. Look out for more attractions and events happening near you and make sure you mark this Christmas as the best there is in your life.

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