The earth is making a polar shift. Since 1969 the earth is changing from being 75% negative, to 75% positive by 2069. Humanity has been reprogrammed from the inside out according to the Divine Decree. Ancient DNA strands have been reawakened. Dormant brain functions have been rewired. There are in fact 18,000 earths on the inner planes which play out all the various nuances and possible variables. These 'earths' are coming closer to each other on the etheric planes and therefore a new level of information is now coming in and is available for humanity.
All the constraints that have previously held humanity in place are gone now. Everyone now has a direct line of communication back to the Source whether they know it or not. Everyone has the potential to remember truly who they are. Now we can also travel energetically speaking to the other realms and dimensions within reality and beyond, whilst still maintaining our physical presence here on earth.
The 'New Wave Souls' are the Light Workers who are getting this job done here on earth, and yes I am talking to you! It is our collective love, being the love of the Beyond God State which is transforming the world as it is right now. The Spiritual Hierarchy have surrounded the earth's inner space and we are clearing all the rubbish out! Thousands of years of death, despair and dismay has left humanity stuck in a cesspool of collective karma. This karma has to be dissolved and removed by the collective energetic might of the New Wave Souls on earth and the Spiritual Hierarchy one way or another.
'New Wave Souls' are the empowered souls who are really the forerunners of the New Humanity. All New Wave Souls are clairvoyant healers. We are capable of healing humanity and individuals on many levels by rebalancing timelines, renegotiating karmic contracts, performing physic surgery (on the subtle bodies) and also in many other ways. The New Energy demands that we are using our clairvoyant and healing abilities, constantly 24 hours a day. There is so much to do and so much to clear for humanity, the world and the universe.
On earth, the heads of the Spiritual Hierarchy are known as the 5 Perfect Masters. They are always present and if one of the 5 dies they are replaced immediately. They specifically oversee evolution on earth under the guidance of the Divine Director who also comes to earth periodically, and is also known as the Avatar. At the end of every world age the Avatar come to earth to uplift humanity. There are 10 direct Avatars which relate to the different earth ages. The final tenth Avatar is prophesied to end the Age of Darkness and herald in a new Golden Age of Humanity. In fact the tenth and final Avatar of the Age of Ages has already come and gone. He was Meher Baba the Awakener born in India (1894-1969). He rewrote the history of humanity. When he was here He made all the decisions the next 5000 years. When he dropped his body in 1969, the Avataric Age of 100 years began. By the end of this period in 2069 the world will have been transformed from darkness into the light!

'My present Avataric Form is the last incarnation of this cycle of time, hence my manifestation will be the greatest . . . I had to come, and I have come. I am the Ancient One.' - Avatar Meher Baba.

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Nicholas Russell is a Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer and author of the book ''A Crash Course in Spirituality - Book 1'