Welcome Year of the Yang Water on Earth Dragon. While this is another year indicating change and transition, the conflict in the Metal wood energy of the Tiger and Rabbit are waning. The last 2 years have not been without a quickening for growth and healing in many people’s lives. And if you are up on your cosmology, this happens to coincide with:
•our transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius proper;
•the end of the Mayan calendar;
•alignment of the earth, sun and centre of our Milky Way galaxy and
•the prophecies of Nostradamus.

We have truly decided to live in monumental times. 2012 means different things to different people. Presented here is what I would like to share about the Feng Shui influences for 2012 – Yang Water sitting on Yang Earth Dragon.

Mother Earth:
Even with many instances of natural disasters over the last 2 years, the earth has not completed healing. In 2012 strong water accompanies this year’s earthly element and not just any water – but strong pressing ocean bringing water disasters. The Earth Dragon represents mother earth energy that is under pressure. More earth disruptions like earthquakes are highly likely. If we consider that New Zealand and Japan still suffer from tremors and earthquakes daily it doesn’t seem a far stretch that the pacific rim is waiting for a large reckoning especially considering the Grand Duke is coming from the South East direction this year. Extrapolating from that, if the plates move in the South East, they will cause a ripple effect of natural disasters across the Pacific Rim and the world.

While there was a lot of back stabbing and underhanded behavior from individuals coping with clearing (or not clearing in a lot of instances) their own karma and issues in 2011, this year shows the noble, courageous and strong coming to the fore and sticking to their guns. There is still tension and conflict but much fairer and out in the open, so although it will be exhausting for some, sustaining you authentic self and remaining genuine will be worth the effort.

Yang Water and Earth elements fundamentally clash in Feng Shui. Earth dams, constricts or contains water. So expect more conflict and healing. Water also represents the emotion of fear while Earth represents reflection and meditation. From that point of view, it seems conflict and tension will be born out of fear – from those people resistant to change or creating change out of the emotion of fear. It will take a more stable, resilient and reflective Dragon energy to detach from this emotion, stand their ground and help ease the fear that is causing erratic behavior and tension. Throughout the year this Dragon energy can be meditative, calm and inspiring. This year requires all of us to reflect from within and while it can be confronting for those who are not acting from a base of authenticity and genuine morals, if we can do what we think is fair, we can overcome the cycle of fear and conflict between these energies. This also means detaching from the fear and emotions of others who are finding it difficult and confrontational. Detaching from the emotion will help elevate those around you and pull them through.

Change and Transition:
Anyone born in the year of the Dragon or Dog will be in for a year of change and transition in their home life and career. Possible change of job and a new abode are highly likely. If you already have plans to move and change jobs, then good luck – the energy supports you to make changes and you are prepared for them. For those that may be out of balance and have not felt that change is coming, be open to going with the flow. Resisting change in the natural order of things can sometimes block opportunities that can help you grow and expand. In 2012, the strong yang water on top presents the emotion of fear or anxiety. Yes, you will need to assess your options, but search within yourself for what feels right for you at this moment, and then take the leap of faith and just do it!

The force of energy is strong and pushy this year. Once a project or idea gets momentum it may be difficult to get off the cart. Make sure you stop and question the decisions you are making as you could be influenced strongly by public opinion, peer pressure or for some bullying and activity that drains your energy because it is not what you want to do. Stand up and think for yourself, select when to go with the flow and momentum and when to stand your ground.

Finance and Industry:
Fire element is weak and so activity on the stock market may be marginalized. There are pockets of strong fire like May and June where you will see confidence. In alignment with the sentiment that 2012 bring s a new age where we will be in greater harmony and the world will not be as attached to the monetary financial system, a lot of industries this year will find it tough. If you follow the New Year’s news, another financial collapse is imminent and is supported by the Feng Shui.
Earth industries like construction, property and natural therapies should do well and hold their head above the water.

Spiritual change
Anyone with the Dog or Dragon in their birth chart is more intuitive and many that I know are clairvoyant. This year that intuition should heighten and provide you with more prophetic dreaming for some while others will be able to utilise their intuition in a work environment to make the right decisions. If you stay balanced and grounded, you can use your gut instincts to help you in every day life and achieve greater flow.
For those that are newly aware to their heightened 6th sense, you may get frightened. A quick tip is to relax and white light yourself. Set your boundaries with spirit in a way that makes you feel comfortable and repeat these boundaries to yourself in your mind.

Changes and Feng Shui:
In Feng Shui there is a lot of emphasis on good and bad, auspicious and inauspicious because it is based on the principle of Yin and Yang. I have spent years reflecting on good and bad given everyone’s perspective is different.

I have observed that how we view change depends on how unexpected it arrives and this has an influence on how we cope with the impacts that change has on our mental, emotional and spiritual selves. It is emotions like fear, guilt, jealousy, low self esteem, pressure and worry that makes change seem daunting. Many people are resistant to change, yet the “only constant is life is change” !

2012 represent another year of change and we have the added energy of fear in the yang water that will force some people to become superstitious or want to place blame of the change on everything around them. This fear blocks us from living our lives to the fullest.

My personal view is that change can always be turned into a positive – you just need to put your situation into perspective and see the good that has come out of it. This of course takes time depending on the degree of change you are experiencing. You may need to reflect on why this change is coming about for you. Is it something that you can grow through and will eventually make you stronger and wiser?

Part of making change positive is to put the past behind you. If you are aware of this and require help, then I encourage you to get it this year. Seek counseling, a coach, or do some energy work that will help you find wholeness and balance among your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. Yoga, Reiki, Chi Kung are all examples of energy shifting modalities that can help you embrace change and change your life positively.

Author's Bio: 

Mariko Fisher (Dip Feng Shui and Destiny (Raymond Lo); Reiki III (Karyna); CEPG (CoachU); B Bus (UTS)
Member International Feng Shui Association Australia.

Mariko is principal of FengShui by Sakura (www.fengshuibysakura.com.au) and Mandorla(www.mandorla.com.au)

Offering Feng Shui consultations, Chinese Astrology Birth Chart profiling and forecasting; Executive and Life Coaching; Reiki Healing and attunements.