My best advice is this. Have a cash saving mindset. You do not need to re-invent the wheel or put together a special formula. All it will take is you applying the effort.

You can easily save money without making your wedding look low-budget. I'll discuss 3 suggestions that will actually help you save thousands of dollars. You can certainly come up with countless additional ideas without my help.

Money Saver Number 1: Food

Food is usually one of your largest expenses at every wedding. One thing that is pleasing about planning your wedding is the fact that you get to have it all your way! There isn't a rule that says you have to make sure you feed all your guests a 3 coarse dinner with dessert. Believe it or not, many people prefer enjoying dessert only at weddings.

If you have a limited spending budget, serve your guests dessert only. Keep in mind they are your own best friends and family. They will be there for you, not the food.

If you are having a fall or even a winter season wedding and reception you might want to offer pie or cake. For a spring season or summer time wedding you can provide fresh fruits with a chocolate fountain. Small desserts do the job any time. You don’t always have to have multiple dessert selections.

Money Saver Number 2: Photography

If it turns out you're similar to me, good wedding photographs are a must. You may be amazed with how easy it is to find a photographer by means of connections (a family friend, a friend of a friend or a buddy of a relative). Inquire around. You will often find a fantastic deal.

The majority of brides have a professional wedding photographer for the engagements, plus the wedding and reception photos. engagement pictures and wedding pictures are the most essential. For the reception, try placing disposable cameras on all of the tables for your guests to snap pictures. You may also advise close friends to remain close by to take photos.

You do not need a professional at the wedding celebration. If the wedding guests snap a huge number of total pictures, I swear, you'll have some great shots.

Money Saver Number 3: Music

Where is the wedding ceremony rule book? Where does the rule book state that we have to pay a DJ or even a wedding band? Allow me to let you in on a big secret. There is absolutely no written rule! It’s your own wedding, you make the rules.

I'm not saying that you shouldn’t have any music. Music and dancing are important in experiencing a memorable wedding party. Here's my personal advice. Make a playlist using many of your preferred love songs and even dancing songs. Most reception halls have a audio system. Bring in a laptop computer with the playlist and let it roll. It's absolutely free!

Put on your thinking cap and produce your own money saving ideas. Just like I stated earlier, you can certainly save a lot of money without allowing your wedding day to appear low-cost. Best of luck with your planning. You'll have an extraordinary wedding experience.

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Ronnie and his wife Katie are full time wedding experts from Salt Lake City, Utah. Together they work to help brides know the Do's and Don'ts of planning a wedding. Ronnie has been writing for three years in hopes to help future brides around the world.