Do you find yourself struggling to fix the over the top golf swing problem many times but in the end the problem come back to square one? Over the top problem is the common problem in golf arena and many new golfers is experiencing this problem every single time they hit the golf ball during performing the golf swing. However, to eliminate this problem from happening again, if you adopt the right proper golf swing technique and procedure, you can easily avoid from this problem to occur again completely naturally.

Over the top golf swing problem usually happen when you swing your driver or club off the centre from the ball which resulting the ball to swift to the right or left as when you hit the ball. This phenomenon exist when there is a premature movement of the upper body in the downswing which means your upper body will always move ahead than your lower body. This problem is apparent to a golfer who has undertake the wrong golf swing approach. It can very difficult to detect an over the top problem if you don't have the fundamental knowledge in approaching a correct golf swing.

Have you ever experience hitting the top of the golf ball during performing your swing? This is one of the over the top problem where many golfers didn't realised. The main reason why this annoying and frustrating problem to occur is because of the club head position changes its position during performing the backswing. Usually the case is by moving the head up right which in the end resulting the club or driver to hit the top of the ball. You will never get the perfect golf swing if you don't know how to detect this problem. It will always be part of you everytime you conducting the swing. Addition to this problem, this is the main reason as to why many golfers unable to achieve lower score in order to reduce their handicap. Detecting this problem as early as you can is the best thing to do to prevent it from happening every time you hit the ball.

To fix over the top golf swing instantly, you will need to understand how to conduct a proper golf swing the right way. Without a proper right guidance, it will only going to destroy your swing throughout the game. Here some basic guidance for you to fix this problem:

1. Proper Backswing Position
Wrong position during the backswing is the main reason for the over the top golf swing to happen. You will need to understand that the golf swing is a chain reaction of events that starts from the backswing. Make sure that your left shoulder is positioned under your chin at the peak of the backswing.

2. Maintain Your Head As You Swing.
This is important aspect is controlling your golf club to hit the right target at the ball. This is to avoid mainly from hitting the top of the ball every time you swing. Do not move your ahead up right during the backswing or downswing. Rotate your body simultaneously as you rotate both of your arms.

3. Do Not Force Hitting The Ball.
As you swing your club or driver from the backswing position, make sure you don't force it to happen. The more you force it the more you make it worse. What you need to do here is to let the momentum takes place and let it swing on the rhythm that you've created. If you perform this, you will amazed how far the ball able to go even without using any forces.

It is important to understand this three fundamental principle in fixing the over the top golf swing problem. With this fundamental set of principle you will able to eliminate over the top problem fast. Many golfers are able to fix this problem by applying this fundamental aspect during the swing. Once you understand how to fix this problem completely, you can now able to achieve a lower handicap and achieve the perfect golf game every single time you play in the golf course.

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