In the previous article, I mentioned that, for convenience, Metaphysicians have developed levels or categories of consciousness. Some refer to these as densities and others as dimensions of consciousness. Regardless of terminology, we humans occupy the third and fourth levels, which we can call 3D and 4D.

To get a fix on where, in this scheme, we stand, a number of approaches have been developed. Some have focused on energy vibration and, as an electroencephalograph can measure the vibratory rate of the brain and an electrocardiograph can measure the vibration of the heart, some have tried to string together a series of computers to get an overall measure of the entire body. Largely, these have resulted in rather convoluted and unwieldy systems that never shed much light..

David Hawkins, as documented in his book, Power vs. Force, used Kinesiology, or muscle testing, to converge on an individual’s vibration rate. And, from this research, Hawkins developed his Map of Consciousness. This Map of Consciousness allows an individual to read down five different columns to find where he or she identifies the strongest. The columns are labeled: God-view, Life-view, Level, Emotion and Process. Once the individual finds where they think they lie in these columns, they can then read off their approximate vibratory rate. Since the time of Hawkins’s experiments with Kinesiology, vibratory rates, in general, have increased. In recent years, the vibration of the planet has increased and we see a faster rate of change in our reality as a result. Today, Hawkins’s numbers are no longer absolute but can still serve as a relative fix.

Since the Map of Consciousness and, in the process of writing a book with yours truly, Ricardo Martinez developed a chart, which he calls the Vibro-meter. I believe it to be a superior chart and very useful in getting an approximate fix on how conscious or spiritual one is. You can see the Vibro-meter and order a PDF copy of it and the Vibro-meter Consciousness scale from Ricardo’s website at:

Another way you can get an approximation of your level of consciousness is through the use of a pendulum. My book on Spirituality tells the reader how to use a pendulum and, specifically, how one can be used to measure how conscious one is.

Aside from all of the above, here is a simple way to determine just how conscious or spiritual you are: Humans, who walk planet Earth, fall into either 3D or 4D. The 4D people are those who we refer to as Enlightened. I know two personally: Ricardo Martinez and Srinivas Arka. I suspect Depak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle are two others. You can Google these people and draw your own conclusions.

For the rest of us who are living in the third density or the third dimension of consciousness, we can approximate where in this dimension we reside most of the time and how close to enlightenment we might be. Here’s how:
3D can be divided into three sections: Low, Medium and High.

If an individual is in the lowest third, we call them Asleep. They are not very self-aware and identify with their Ego. They live in a fear-dominated reality. They feel disconnected, powerless, depressed, unworthy and they carry grief, guilt and shame.

Those in the middle third can be termed Aware. They are vaguely aware that there is something beyond themselves. They are still Ego-directed, worry a lot, feel lonely, disappointed, discouraged, insecure and somewhat worthless. However, they also are opening up to greater possibilities and they are exploring some of them.

If you are in the upper third, you can be called Awakened. There is much love in your life, little fear and you are more aware that your true self is not your Ego but your inner self or soul. You engage in forgiveness, kindness, abundance, joy and life is a lot easier. You also are more allowing and accepting because you are beginning to see the larger picture and you understand that we are all one.

If you are interested in learning more about levels of consciousness and where you might fit in, you can always go to my book on Spirituality, which, with its many reviews, can be seen on my website at: .

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Peter Dennis, B. Comm., B. Ed., M.B.A. is the Past President of the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce, The Human Resources Professionals Association of Windsor and District, and The Ontario Chapter of The International Graphoanalysis Society.

Peter is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, a Meditation Teacher and a personal coach. He has been a Human Resources executive with major business organizations, and as a university lecturer and college professor, he has taught HR Management, Emotional Intelligence, Metaphysics, Handwriting Analysis and Self-reliance. Peter continues to write, give talks and work with individuals.