Are you finding it hard to control your relationship? Perhaps you once had a strong and happy relationship with your partner. Regardless of what started the problem, here are some signs that there is no way the relationship could be fixed.

Stuck in the Situation

Do you feel bored and feel that the relationship is not changing or not moving forward? When you and your partner come home, do you both go off and do your own thing without acknowledging the other? If this sounds familiar then your relationship is stuck and not improving as time goes by. Recognizing this is how you know when your relationship is over.

Your relationship is stuck in a rut if instead of acting like a couple, you are acting like indifferent roommates at home. You'll notice that this sign is one of the most obvious as a relationship starts to fall apart. Although there are many reasons why partners start to act distant, the fact is that stress is one of the biggest reasons for this behavior. With the amount of stress we feel every day, people usually choose to zone out and "numb" whatever they are feeling.

Constant Argument

Arguments are normal in healthy relationships. You and your partner are individuals and would usually have varying opinions. There's a good chance that the two of you will have a difference of opinion at some point. However, there's a big difference between healthy fights and dangerous ones. Healthy means you and your partner could tell your opinion without being ridiculed. A successful fight basically means you express your opinion and find a common ground that will fix the problem.

Some couples try to win whenever they fight. Does "winning" an argument make your relationship better and satisfying in the long run? The answer is usually no because the more you "win" in the argument, the more you lose in the relationship.

You're No Longer Attracted

During the start of the relationship, there's a good chance that you and your partner feel as though everything is perfect. After some time, the spark you had during the start of the relationship is no longer as strong but can still be felt. This spark basically signifies how much you are attracted with your partner. This chemistry is the reason why you aren't merely friends and instead are in a romantic relationship. As soon as the spark is gone from your relationship, it stops developing and would start to deteriorate.

In order to prevent this from happening, staying curious about your partner and their life is the best solution. Be curious about your partner's individuality, their thoughts, actions and emotions.

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