3 Steps To Becoming A Better Therapist

We all want to great therapists. We go to classes, learn the work and then come back and try to put it into practice. Some of it comes easily and some not so much. Why is it easier for some information to integrate into our practice and not so easy for other information. More importantly, what can we do to allow it to all be easy.

1. Block Your Energetic Leaks

If we pay attention throughout our treatment day we will notice there are times where we are very attentive and other times where are not. Pay attention to the times where you are not being attentive. What's the difference from when you are fully present. Find the place in your body/mind/spirit where your attention is "leaking" and put a plug in it. Yes it can be that simple. If it keeps happening, there is probably an issue in there that needs some addressing.

2. Stay Connected With The Tissues

This might sound obvious but CranioSacral Therapy is a "hands on" therapy. That means we want to be aware of what is happening throughout the Fascia...even if the person's body is asking for energy work. I have worked with some tremendously experienced therapists and have been amazed when some of them have been working "off the body". Guess what, while they were working with the energetic field, there was amazing change happening in the tissues. Many of us get caught up in the energy aspect of CST. Don't. Unless that's what the body is asking for. You'll know you're on the right path because the tissue will change in response to the work.

3. Stay Out Of Your Ego

It's not about you. If it is. Get some treatment. If you want it to be. Get some treatment. If you find yourself feeling proud because of what you were able to do for your client..get some treatment. There's a theme here. Our ego loves to be stroked. Our training as healthcare practitioners reinforces that. We are taught how to make people better. One of the first things we are taught in our CS training is that the only person who can help our clients get better, is themselves. Yes we have tools and techniques but it's up to them how they utilize them. If you can stay out of your clients way, they will have a tremendous space in which to work.

If you can commit to working with these three areas. I guarantee you will notice difference in your skills as a therapist. Your present and future clients are going to love that!

Author's Bio: 

David Tomlinson has been a CranioSacral Therapist for 18 years. His passion is helping therapists achieve their goals. He has spent the past 7 developing a curriculum that works with the individual needs of each therapist and helps them break through barriers to transform their practice.