I was out for a walk and saw a bunch of pigeons poking around for food in the grass.

All pigeons pretty much look the same to me but this time, one of them caught my eye. It was white.

By now I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m writing about pigeons. Well, as I continued walking three thoughts struck me that have everything to do with you and your business.

1. The pigeon had it easy. He (or maybe it was a she) didn’t have to anything special to be unique other than be born.You are unique too. Maybe like the pigeon it’s about your appearance, but probably not. What makes you unique is more likely hidden from general view and it’s up to you to bring it to the surface and highlight it so that it shows.

What makes you unique is how you decide to show up in the world. It’s in the way you think. It’s in what you say. Your uniqueness comes from what you’ve experienced and what lessons you’ve taken away from those experiences.

There is nobody like you in the world. There never has been and never will be again. Know it. Believe it. Use it.

2. As a continued to walk some pigeons flew overhead. I looked for the white pigeon.There are many other businesses out there that do the same thing, have the same qualifications or the same title as you.What can you do to stand out? The only way you'll stand out is if you allow yourself to use exactly what nature gave you.

When you market your business (which you must) highlight the things that make you unique that make you different. The people that get hired, and the businesses that succeed are the ones that display their uniqueness.

While the differences between you and your competitors may not be as visually obvious as the difference between the white and gray pigeons, I promise you there are absolutely differences between you and others who provide the same service as you. The key is for you to identify these differences and show them off.

Remember, what makes you unique is your personality it's in the things you've done, the people you’ve spoken with and the things you’ve seen. What makes you stand out from the crowd is the way you interpret the world around you and how you use it to help your clients.

For this pigeon marketing was easy. In your business it’s up to you to be bold otherwise you will go unnoticed. Don’t end up being one of many, like the gray pigeons were.

If you want your business to succeed you must be bold and market yourself so that you become visible and stand out from the crowd

3. There is a reason most pigeons are gray. Standing out is risky. Yet, it’s the only way to succeed.I am sure that there is some evolutionary reason that pigeons (at last the ones that live near me) are usually gray. Something about being gray keeps them safe. Being gray probably keeps them hidden from predators or keeps them from being noticed when they sneak up on their prey.

The white pigeon is visible.

The thing is, in business if you stay safe you stay small. Staying safe makes you invisible. If you stay safe your business nobody will notice you. Sure, the predators won’t find you. Your competitors won’t try to copy from you or vy for your clients but remember this...the people who really need you won’t find you either.

You must take the risk if you want your business to be successful.

What can you do to stand out? How can you highlight your uniqueness? What risks are you willing to take? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Author's Bio: 

Carrie Greene is a speaker, author & business coach. She is a business strategist & who helps entrepreneurs get clear on what they want and creating simple plans to get there. She is the author of "Chaos to Cash: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Eliminating Chaos, Overwhelm & Procrastination So You Can Create Ultimate Profit!" Resources at http://www.carriegreenecoaching.com.