Most of the successful entrepreneurs found on the internet are highly motivated and therefore more productive! It is primarily these characteristics that allow them to get more done than their competitors thus allowing them to taste the fruits of success while others languish in frustration and failure! In so many words they make their own 'rules' and set their own standards due mainly to 3 important beliefs they hold!

Let's explore how the most successful people found online approach their businesses based upon 3 fundamental beliefs that differ from those of their competitors!

They Do Not Allow Time to Manage Them

People who regularly experience success work with focus and in an efficient manner! This is to say they typically do not procrastinate or allow 'deadlines' to dictate how long it takes to accomplish a task or project! They work at their own speed and NOT a pace that has been dictated to them by assigned deadlines! So if a task takes less time than expected which it generally will since these people are more productive with their efforts, they move on to something else! When a person is highly motivated such as these people are, they accept and conquer challenges routinely! They absolutely refuse to be 'hemmed in' by the expectations or standards that have been set for the masses! Time does NOT control their actions but rather they control time and how they use it!

Lacking Experience Is Not a Barrier

All that 'having experience' really says is you put in the time and perhaps maybe NOT even successfully! People who tend to accomplish their objectives are obviously more productive which is more admirable than simply having experience! Having a lack of experience in certain areas does NOT hold successful people back! Remember they are first and foremost highly motivated and mastering new challenges is something they relish! Possessing such a mindset therefore does not allow for success driven entrepreneurs to be intimidated by having a lack of 'experience' in any field with which they have an interest! Sorry but experience is NOT a barrier for these people!

Personal Accountability

Blaming your errors or lack of success on others is a good indication you have not or are not willing learned from your mistakes! Embracing each set-back or failure for the lessons they offer insures you're likely to NEVER commit the same mistake again! The blame-game is a silly waste of time to any entrepreneur who focuses primarily on reaching their goals and thus they hold themselves accountable to any errors or setbacks they encounter! How else do you expect to learn and grow other than to identify and address your own deficiencies and this can only be done by holding yourself accountable! Besides the time and effort you put into finding somewhere to place the blame for your lack of success can be put to better use to get more done and bring your goals closer!

When looking at most successful entrepreneurs found online it is easy to see they're highly motivated but their success is due to more than that! These people tend to ignore the 'standards' set for and excepted by their competitors by making their own rules which allows them to get more done! When following widely accepted standards your results tend to be 'standard' as well! On the other hand when you hold yourself to a higher level of performance you tend to be much more productive than others leading to more success! The 3 primary 'beliefs' discussed above that are held by most who succeed in reaching their goals strongly indicate that to break away from the 'pack' you MUST think differently and expect more from yourself! The choice is actually quite simple, you can either choose to be like everybody else and embrace the same expectations, or march to the beat of different drummer by demanding more of yourself! In this way it is likely you'll be more productive and of course when this is the case, success tends to follow!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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