Things go wrong in relationships from time to time; this is a fact which everyone simply has to come to terms with. No relationship is ever perfect, but to make yours as close to being perfect as possible you need to be able to work through the little or big problems that may occur between you and your partner. One of the things which will enable you to be able to work through your problems is knowing how to forgive him once he has done something wrong, but come to realise how wrong he was and apologised. There are 3 tips which you should keep in mind when learning how to forgive him and these will help keep your relationship strong and healthy.

Don't Hold a Grudge

If your man has done something wrong, but been mature enough to come to you, explain himself and then give a humble apology to you, then you should be grateful enough to accept it. You might not forgive him straight away, but you must appreciate the thought and effort he has put in for you, and don't hold what happened against him. You should start to treat him better once he has apologised, even if this only means being civil and polite to him, you don't have to be perfectly happy with him until you are ready to be.

Make him earn it

As good as an apology is, and as hard as they can sometimes be to get out of men, sometimes it isn't enough. If your man has really messed up then you need to make sure that he earns your forgiveness. If just saying sorry isn't enough, then make sure he knows how wrong he was, and make sure he knows that he has to make it up to you. This can involve him running around in circles to do everything you want him too until you are ready to forgive him again. He should treat you like a princess all the time, but most men don't, but if he has hurt you then you have the right to demand it before you will take him back again.

Forgive and Forget

People in the best relationships are always able to sort out problems, no matter how big they might be. In order to do this you have to be able to come through a lot of big issues and come out stronger the other side. However to make sure that everything is okay again after the problems then both of you need to learn from your mistakes, and then put them behind you. Once you have dealt with a problem, when the appropriate people have apologised and everyone has been forgiven then that should be that. You must not bring back painful memories months down the line, or hold things against him that you have already sorted. You need to be able to move on together as a pair and keep going from strength to strength, that is the key to a truly happy relationship.

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