Although that probably wasn’t your intention, you might have hurt someone’s feelings. If that person is dear to you, you surely feel bad and want to make it up to them. While that might not be so easy, depending on the situation, there are plenty of ways how you can say and show them that you truly regret your words and actions. Here are some unique ways how you can say “sorry” and ask for forgiveness from that person you cherish.

Start by apologizing

First of all, you need to understand what you did wrong and apologize. If you decide to say you’re sorry without actually meaning it and knowing what offended the other person, you’re simply giving them an empty apology that can lead to more conflict. Generic and meaningless apologies are easy to recognize and the person you wronged is likely to not forgive you. Recall the conversation or incident and really go through what happened and what you said or did that provoked a reaction from the person you were talking to. It can be painful to recall an altercation but only then will you know how you can make it right. While you might not have wanted to offend, by their reaction, it’s easy to see that you did something wrong. So, understand your mistake and apologize only if you’re ready to make amends.

Do your best to make amends

In addition to saying you’re sorry, you want to show it too. With that in mind, once you’ve realized your mistake, you want to understand what about it made your friend, partner, or family member upset. If you said something wrong or insensitive, you want to further educate yourself on the topic and not speak on things that don’t concern you. Furthermore, if you hurt them through your actions, you can promise not to do it again and actually follow through. Something else you can consider is making a list of amends. Depending on what you did, you can do everything from volunteering with others to showing the person you care about that you will always be there for them. Of course, how you repent for what you did should also reflect how big your mistake was. In certain cases, a sincere apology will be enough while in other scenarios, you might have to work harder to gain back the trust of the person.

Hide little notes around for them to find

When it comes to actions, you can start making little notes that show how sorry you are and hiding them so that the person whose forgiveness you want can find them at unexpected times. For example, you can hide these in the pockets of their clothes or around their home. In terms of what to say, you can simply write “sorry” but you can also try some other approaches. To take it up a notch, look up how to say sorry in different languages. You can also share some quotes or poems that talk about forgiveness and express your regret in that way. What is more, you can also recall some jokes only you two get or some funny anecdotes.

Surprise them with a gift

While some people appreciate words of affirmation, others’ preferred love language is gift-giving. With that in mind, you can come up with a special present to give alongside your apology. Try to remember if your friend spoke of something that they really wanted to buy but never got a chance. See if you can get that for them. In case they collect something like figurines or vinyl records, you can find an item they haven’t yet bought. On the other hand, if you’re not sure what to give them, opt for a unique gift box that can contain everything from booze and chocolate to aromatic candles and sleep masks. You can also opt for subscription boxes that will ensure they get a present on a monthly basis if you think regaining their trust will take a while.

Make their favorite dish

Acts of service is another love language that you can try to appeal to. If you’re close with this person, you surely know what their favorite dish is. Make it and ask for forgiveness during the meal. You can also make their favorite cupcakes or cookies and write “sorry” or “I love you” on them. The options are truly endless when it comes to making food that you know your friend, partner, or family member will love. If you’re not skilled in the kitchen, you can always order a customized cake or take them to their favorite restaurant for dinner.

Take them out for a fun day

For some people, the apology should come in the form of quality time. For instance, when you need to apologize to someone, you can consider planning a fun day together. There are countless activities you can try, from going to the movies or an amusement park to going hiking or camping. You can also go bigger if you think the situation calls for it. Plan a weekend at a spa or even a week-long road trip during which you can visit several attractions and have many heart-to-heart conversations. Overall, if there is an activity that you usually like doing together, this should be the first thing that comes to mind.

Give them space if that’s what they need

Finally, you also need to be aware of the fact that some people simply need space and time in order to forgive. So, if you talk to your loved ones and they say that they’re not ready to trust you again just yet, you should give them some space. Emphasize that you’re sorry but let them come to terms with what was said in their own time. Don’t pester them and they will come to you when they are ready. Sometimes, it’s best to allow for things to settle on their own.

If you’ve wronged someone dear to you, you might be looking for ways to express your regret. From apologizing sincerely and giving them time to spending more time together and looking for personal gifts, there is plenty you can do to ask for forgiveness.

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