Why agonize about making decisions or solving problems when you have your intuition to help? Everyone can benefit by knowing how to access this valuable resource. Apply the following ideas and watch your confidence level soar!
1. Enjoy your work or recreational activity. The enjoyment you receive from your work or hobby connects you to a state of awareness where you are naturally attuned to creative ideas and solutions. You don’t enjoy your work and it’s not the time to leave it? Look for things about it you appreciate for now; a co-worker, the location, receiving a check, the ability to go out to dinner or the movies. The very act of appreciation nurtures your intuitive connection.
2. Take time to unwind. If you want to receive and execute dynamic ideas, you need to relax. Taking the time to slow down is not a luxury. it’s a necessity. If finding time is an issue you need to know that you can unwind or meditate in a matter of minutes and feel refreshed. The following is a brief effective way to release tensions and stay in the flow of intuition. Find a spot where you won’t be disturbed for 3-5 minutes. Comfortably, breathe in through the nose, for the count of five, hold it for the count of five, and exhale through the mouth for the count of five. Repeat this two more times and continue to breathe at your own pace. Put the palm of your dominant hand on top of the other, and move it in a gentle, circular motion. Say aloud or to yourself, “I am relaxed and in the flow of creative ideas. I am confident, peaceful, and fully aware.” Say it again, and then again. You can work this in at almost any time and your eyes can remain open or closed.
3. Change sabotaging beliefs. Disempowering beliefs you may have accepted at an earlier time make it difficult reach your goals and trust your intuition. It’s safe to say we’ve all had unfavorable beliefs. How do you know that you are still laboring with them? If you consistently run into blocks as you attempt to manifest a desire or accomplish a goal, chances are you have a belief that doesn’t support you. For now, we can apply short exercise that minimizes the effects of unfavorable belief. You don’t even have to know it’s origin. Think of someone you admire, someone you’d like to have on your side. Perhaps they persevered against all odds and succeeded? Perhaps they are genuinely confident and belief there is no such thing as an obstacle that could stop them? Now, imagine that above your head is a bright white light and contained within this light are all the qualities, strengths, and attributes of your chosen person. They can be qualities that you may have and yet not aware you own them; a radiating smile, determination, sense of humor, the ability to negotiate, etc., Now let these qualities in the form of the light come in through the top of your head and evenly fill all your cells. You feel as though your entire body is filled with a powerful healing balm and you bask in that good feeling. Think of how the unfavorable beliefs are practically disabled and what remains instead are newly established supportive ideas ready to serve. Repeat this exercise at your convenience to solidify the effect.

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Pearle Lake, Intuitive Consultant is the author of "Improve Your Life with Intuition, Feng Shui Wisdom, and Affirmations" available at amazon.com and other online outlets.
See more about it at www.awesomeintuitionbook.com She encourages her clients' awareness and options for change via Intuition, astrological insight, and holistic change principles, including Nlp and practical metaphysics.