Often if we are not getting the results we want in our life, whether this in financial, relationships, family, work etc, it is often an outer reflection of the way we feel about ourselves on the inside. Remember…life is like a photocopier…what you put in the photocopier (your inner word) will come out in the photocopier! (Your outer world)

So, give your self some well earned heart candy and make a commitment to yourself to do the 30 day Love yourself challenge! Sometimes you may not feel like it but I challenge you to do it anyway! Take it on! Remember, you are worth it! Get ready for your life to change when you commit to loving and caring for yourself, no matter what happens throughout your day. Imagine how fantastic you would feel with that amount of self love and caring.

1) Try a few of these affirmations every day!

I am a special, loving and unique person
I deserve to be happy and successful
I know how to love myself
It is easy for me to love and take care of myself
I now choose to be happy and loving
I am willing to be love and be loved

Say them at least ten times a day – sing them if you wish!

2) Treat yourself how you would like to be treated

If you find yourself thinking or speaking negatively about yourself, talk and nurture yourself like you would a small child or your best friend. We often speak more kindly about other people that we do about ourselves! Comfort yourself if you feel scared or upset. Love the parts of yourself that you usually criticize.

3) Acknowledge your achievements

Every night before you go to bed, write down or say ten things you did well today. Self acknowledgement really is the key to self love!

4) Write down the three things you feel are missing from you life and commit to doing them for yourself

For example – if you feel that you are taken for granted and people do not put themselves out for you – make a commitment to put yourself out for you! Do what makes you happy! Another example is feeling that you are not getting enough nurturing or caring from other people – commit to Really Caring for yourself with healthy nourishing food, a massage or long baths with nice oils.

Good luck with the above and remember, even if you do not feel like taking on the above challenges – do it anyway! Do not negotiate with your mind when it tells you that you are too busy, haven’t enough time or are too tired to write down what is good about you. Remember, at the end of the day, we only create as much love, fulfillment and success as we feel worthy of having so make August YOUR month to start making the changes to lead an amazing loving life!

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Phillips is a Life Coach and writer based in Sydney, Australia. Sign up for her free newsletter at www.amazingcoaching.com.au