Some of the top resolutions every year have to do with weight loss, getting rid of a bad habit, and money--either making more of it, making it in a different way, or getting out of debt. These resolutions rarely are ever realized and often leave us feeling like a failure or feeling guilty and hopeless.

One reason that they usually don't work is because they often only address the symptoms rather than addressing the problem within us that is causing them. Another reason for their demise is that often we are not motivated enough to see them through because we discover that it is not really what we needed or wanted after all. The reward is not turning out to be what we thought it would be. Whatever the reason for their lack of success, I would say it is time to do something different; something that is simple yet life-altering. Let's set aside the weight loss resolution for once and try something really powerful instead!

I know you have probably always been told to set very specific goals for yourself, but I would suggest a return to a broader approach. The three powerful resolutions that I am talking about cover the simple basics and address the big picture of life and what is really important. They are a great place to start for if you address the big picture and the get good at the basics, then the specifics will come in automatically. These 3 broader-approach resolutions will enable you to:

*Know yourself and your purpose
*Realize your talents and capabilities
*Understand how you fit into the world
*Work together with others as a team

When you have these things, you will figure out the more specific things that you ought to shoot for or that you need to work on. You will have clear direction and motivation. Then you can set some very meaningful goals that you can and will achieve.

So, this year instead of setting the same tired resolutions that never work, I suggest these 3 very powerful and life-changing resolutions:

1. Resolve to get connected with your creator. Each indidivual has been created with divine charactistics making up the masterpiece of you! Your creator knows who you are, what your purpose is, and what you need to make you happy. Why not take some time to ask your creator to share these things with you. To begin with, spend a few minutes each day in prayer. Ask and remember to listen and look for a response. Take some time to learn about your creator. What divine qualities have you inherited from Him? How can you be more like Him? Team up with Him to figure out what is best for you and how you can be your best!

2. Resolve to get connected with your soul. Each person is a soul having a physical experience. This creates an innate struggle for power. Your physical self can be quite overwhelming and cares about things like pleasure and pain while your spiritual self cares about things like passion, purpose, joy, and love. Your soul is quieter, but it is much more powerful when you let it take over. Your soul knows what you really need, and it is through your soul that your creator communicates with you. You have to learn to connect with your soul and be guided by it. Use your soul to discipline your body into behaving the way that is most beneficial for you. This is the beginning of self-mastery. Try a few minutes of meditation each day to get started. Just quiet your mind and allow your soul to speak to you.

3. Resolve to get connected with your fellow man. There is only one team in humankind, and every soul has a role! This is my favorite saying. It is how I remind myself that I am not competing with other humans. I am working with them. By connecting with your fellow human beings with this perspective, you begin to see how each person has a specific and significant role in life. You will be able to appreciate and benefit from others' roles as well as discover your own. You will understand that others need you, and you need others. Together, we are much more powerful than we are alone.

If you spend the coming year working on these 3 resolutions, I guarantee you that your life will never be the same! For in them, lies the answers to all of your questions, the solutions to all of your problems, and the power and direction that is required for you to be everything you were meant to be.

Author's Bio: 

Linda McPharlin is a motivational coach, teacher, martial arts master instructor, and writer. She is the founder of the Power in We, a concept developed for the purpose of developing potential in each individual as well as collectively for humankind. Please visit: for more information.