These 3 parenting tips help you and your partner say, "I'm with you. I'm walking beside you. I love you." If you practice the tips below, your children will be building character by watching and learning from you. Inside you will be given suggestions for practicing the tips too.

"Why would a couple that lives and sleeps together every night need dates and rituals? Precisely because they live and sleep together." - Bill Doherty

Dates and rituals keep you in touch with each other. They remind you of your pledge to go through life together - to become a bigger and better you. Take turns practicing each parenting tip for one week. Ask your partner to guess which tip you practiced. Discuss the results.

Say "Please" and "Thank You"

"Please," the magic word that opens doors to good will increases your chances of getting what you want. Why? It shows you're not taking your partner for granted. Nobody likes demands. Your partner won't feel disrespected either.

"Thank You" offers the gratitude we all crave for being kind and helpful. If you forget to say "Thank You," your partner will notice. Your partner might feel hurt or angry. If your "Thank You" is from your heart, your spouse will notice that too. Why not give the heartfelt appreciation that your spouse deserves? Like “please”, “thank you” is a magic too.

Smile When You Talk

Smiles relax your partner. They relax your face too. They brighten the mood between you. They add to your mutual trust that everything's fine between you. Smiles warm both of you on the inside.

When a spouse goes through life with a gloomy or grumpy face, that spouse becomes a heavy load for the family. One of my clients said, "There's nothing I can do to make him happy." Even the children notice and ask me, "Why is Daddy always so mad?"

Don't keep your family on pins and needles. Relax and enjoy your spouse and your children. Flex a little muscle and put a smile on your face.

Develop a Funny Bone. Laugh Often

Laughter lifts and lightens your relationship. It eases life's burdens. Laughter is sunshine in your home.

It's a well known secret that laughter is the honey that attracts people. Think about it. Do you know someone who brings joy to others with laughter? Is that person fun to be around? You can be that person for your family by developing a funny bone. Make sure your humor is good humor. Nobody likes to be teased. Sarcasm isn't funny.

Parents as Lovers Conclusion:

Notice how saying "please" and "thank you" fit with smiles and laughter. Imagine giving these positive gifts to your spouse and children. You can start today. Your partner will notice and feel loved. Your children will too. By treating each other with love, you'll be building character and filling your home with joy. Become a better you. Become a better parent and lover too.

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