“I was shocked when I found out I had a flea problem. I was overwhelmed, but then I found a product that eliminated fleas and it was easy to do.”

Have you noticed an itch your pet has that doesn't seem to go away? Is there an itch on you that seems to be spreading? Are you just starting to realize it could be a flea infestation?

Flea infestations arise in many homes. Pet owners are always worried about the pets being overrun with fleas, but many people don't know that fleas are not just on pets. People can carry them too. So your flea infestation could have been started with one of the human family members in the house. Either way, what I came across will eliminate fleas no matter what the source is, but before we go into that let's begin with a little information.

What are the signs of a flea infestation?

1. Pet Itching Too Much - Does your pet itch more than they usually do? When a flea bites the bite becomes itchy. However, this is not the only reason that your pet might be itchy. Dry or
irritated skin can also cause itchiness.

2. Little Red Bumps - Start looking for red bumps on your ankles. Since fleas are usually in your carpet, your ankles are the first place they jump to. For anyone who sits or plays on the floor such as the children in your family these little red bumps can be anywhere. (These bumps will go away in a few days.)

How do you eliminate fleas in your home?

First, getting rid of fleas is a process that will take you a few hours, so make sure you have at least that much time to complete all three steps. If for some reason you don't the flea infestation will not be completely fixed and they will come back again.

(1) Eliminating The Fleas

Comb Out Pets - Get a flea comb and comb out all the fleas from their fur.

Flea Powder Pets - Get the flea powder and sprinkle it evenly into your pets fur. This process eliminates not only fleas but also flea eggs and larvae.

(2) Eliminating Fleas In The House

Start with cleaning all the surfaces in your home. Don't forget to do the counters, cabinets, any tables, and the floors. To ensure the fleas are all gone, also do the floors and surfaces in the basement and garage. It's humid there and fleas will be hiding in these areas.

Then vacuum the entire house. Don't forget to vacuum the corners of the rooms. This is another favorite place for fleas to be hiding out.

Now, sprinkle flea powder into the carpet.

The final thing to do for the inside of your home is to wash all bedding and couch surfaces. Then take that flea powder and put it on to your bedding and couch.

(3) Eliminating Fleas From The Yard

Get the flea powder and put it on your lawn.

Before each spring sprinkle more flea powder on the lawn to avoid new flea infestations.

Important Note: Don't start any of this process before reading all the warnings and labels on the product you are using. Most products are toxic and can harm you, your pets, or your children. Most products are also harmful on gardens and toxic to people if spread on food gardens and consumed by you, or anyone else.

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