One of the fastest ways to build a list is by partnering with other list builders. Even if you just have a small list, you can still leverage that asset to swap ads with other list owners - helping you to grow your list at a rapid pace.

Ad swaps are a little-known tactic that all of the big internet marketers are using to add 200 to 500 subscribers per day.

But first, let's dig into the nitty gritty of this powerful technique...

Step 1- Build a List First

Before you can start doing ad swaps, you first need to create a build a small list of 500 - 1000 subscribers. You can easily do this within a month using article marketing, press releases, forum marketing, etc...

Step 2 - Find JV Partners

Once you've created a small list of subscribers and started to develop a relationship with your readers, you now need to start finding potential JV partners in your market.

Step 3 - Do an Ad Swap

Once you have found some potential JV partners, contact them and propose to do an ad swap with your lists. Keep in mind that it doesn't matter if your potential JV partner has a bigger list size.

For example, let's say you want to swap ads with someone who has a list that has 10,000 subscribers and you have 1,000 subscribers. Not a problem! The person with 10,000 subscribers would just send your ad out to 1,000 subscribers of their 10,000 person list. So they would just send it to a segment of their list. Problem solved!

Ad swaps are one of the best ways to grow your list quickly without spending any money.

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