As a blogger personal branding is one of the most important strategies you can take to help establish your site. Most popular blogs have become so because they built their reputation around certain unique characteristics. In fact the use of identity branding is a commonly used strategy to help increase blog traffic. When you think about it there is really no easier way to distinguish your blog from the millions that can be found on the internet today.

Here are 3 advantages you can expect to enjoy by establishing your own personal brand when bogging on the internet.

Sets You Apart

Even if the topic you blog about is similar to that of other sites YOUR insight makes it completely different. Even the most popular blogs contain information that can be found elsewhere, it is just their 'spin' on the issues that makes it unique. No matter what your personality is or your opinions may be there will always be people who agree with you or will be attracted to your style. The best way to increase blog traffic is always to step away from the 'pack' and be the individual that you are. In this way it is more likely you will create some sort of stir or interest.

Encourages Your Individuality

You are always more comfortable in your 'own skin' and this makes the blogging 'process' all the easier for you. The result here is that the content you produce tends to be increasingly more unique as you shed your inhibitions about sharing perspectives or making suggestions. This is all part of the identity branding process and your blog is actually 'maturing' as it takes on and grows into its personality.

Stimulates Creative Juices

Once you have hit your 'comfort zone' you now feel more comfortable about tackling issues with which you may have an opinion or even suggest solutions. Everybody has pet peeves or personal passions as you likely also do and now you can pursue them from the 'pulpit' which is your blog. With your personal brand already established your readers now know what to expect and this is likely why they continue to return.

Personal branding is one of the wisest strategies you can implement when trying to increase blog traffic. This approach allows you to build your site around characteristics that are uniquely you. In fact most popular blogs use identity branding like this in the same way to gain their success online as well. The 3 advantages we reviewed here are strong reasons as to why you should establish your own personal brand. Blogs are meant to be unique and since this is what appeals to readers it only makes sense to allow your site to be an extension of your own unique personality.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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