Breaking up is not something I wish upon anyone, even my worst nemesis. It can cause you to have all sorts of emotions. It happens a lot to people, wanting to know if your ex wants you back or having second thoughts about you. Especially if you there weren't any signs of a breakup. These clues might help you figure out if he wants you back.

Contact - If your ex doesn't want you back, he wouldn't call or find someway to contact you. One thing he can do if he wants you back, he would contact you through mutal friends or directly. Your ex might contact you by trying to get their belongings back from you but they might just use that as an excuse to see you. If they keep contacting you for unimportant reasons, the more they want you back. If they call you "just to talk" is a clue he is more interested in you than getting his favorite T-shirt back. Even if he is calling just to vent is a sign he misses your company. Love and anger are not complete opposites.. If they send you an angry email, that just shows they have feelings for you still, which can easily turn back to love .

Rebound Relationships -They might just be dating to make you upset. So how can you tell he's dating someone just to make you jealous or he's moved on? You can tell by how hard he tries to make sure you know he is seeing someone else. It will probably sting a bit to know if he is dating someone new, but it's a clue he wants you back if he does his best to make sure you know. I've known people that goes a little to far and gets married just to prove to their ex they're still desirable. Relationships like that don't usually work out because their relationship aren't based on love .

He Tries to Impress You - If your ex tries really hard to impress you, then he definitely wants you back. Has he brought it to your attention that he has a new hair do or new house or new car? That's because he is trying to show of his accomplishments or acquisitions.

What I'm trying to convey to you is that you need to be able to read signs that he wants you back . He isn't going to be forthright about it, he is probably going to be very subtle so that can make the first move . Make sure you pay attention to his behavior and not his words. You know that saying, "actions speak louder than words". If the words coming out of his mouth don't coincide with his actions, than he must want you you back.

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Sarah Scott was dumped by her boyfriend while studying abroad in Italy. When she returned home to the United States, she studied the secrets on how to get your ex back. Now she enjoys helping others save their relationships.

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