Never take yourself out of life. Many things will go on that may make you angry, or may seem unfair, but learning how to manage yourself and your feelings in those situations is a skill that's genius to learn!

Every experience and every person you come in contact with has something to teach you. Something to help you sharpen your people skills, exercise compassion, or maybe to assist you in deciding who you choose to be.

Each circumstance gives you an opportunity to demonstrate who you are!

With this awareness, you can use any experience as a learning opportunity.

You now can see where to put the corrections in, when you're off... And give yourself a big pat on the back when you're in the ZONE.

Taking yourself out doesn't solve anything. It just postpones dealing with whatever feelings are coming up.

Tackling the reasons why you want to exit a situation is what will give you a greater sense of self, and self control. No matter what is going on!

Remember, you're doing the best you know for now. Accept your imperfections.

Once you can cut yourself some slack when you're in a messy situation, you'll develop a muscle that will be more understanding of others as well.

3 Strategies to stay in the game:

1) Take A Time Out! Give yourself a break from whatever the situation is. This distance will give you perspective. It allows you a moment to diffuse the emotional charge.

2) Self Talk. Have a chat with yourself to remind yourself what your goals are. Perhaps you have written down your objectives, and can refer to that list when things get hairy.

3) Get with your coach, advisor, mentor or support team to get you back on track. You know what you want to achieve. When you're off the mark, allow others to help you get anchored in a positive mode, aligned with your goals. You need other people who you trust, whose expertise you value, to help you see what you cannot.

Applying these simple steps in an emotional meltdown will get you out of that funk, and land you back on solid ground.

Never take yourself out of life. You gotta be in it, to win at it!

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Author, Speaker and Spiritual Life Coach, Mind/Body Cleansing Expert, Hara Taicher lectures coast to coast on the importance of whole body cleansing, diet, detox and transforming old unproductive patterns.

In 2003, Hara founded Get Centered, a wellness center located in NYC offering the latest tools for life enhancement. Get Centered has been featured in many publications including Harper's Bazaar, In-Style and Quest Magazine. Hara has been interviewed on "Trend Watch", Vogue Magazines nationally syndicated tv segment, Good News Broadcast and German TV Morning Show for her innovative services.
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