The World Wide Web has truly revolutionized mankind's way of life. Everything that we need can be searched and most of time, can be found among the virtual communities residing in this digital communication network. Computers, laptops and all gadgets with Internet capabilities have become necessities that allow people to get quick and easy access to the virtual world. With the growing demands and unbelievable need to stay connected to the World Wide Web, Internet access is under continuous evolution. Currently, two of the most in demand types of wireless broadband connections that compare speed and high quality access are battling head-to-head - the 3G and 4G wireless Internet connections. 3G/4G Internet connections have different capabilities and features that can fully satisfy everyone's technology needs.
3G wireless broadband has been providing high quality Internet access to a great number of users for quite some time now. 3G is a popular trend among cellular phones and high-end gadgets because of the unparalleled Internet capabilities it offers. 3G is the successor of 2G and can reach a speed of up to 3Mbit/s in an ideal environment, which is fifty times faster than the obsolete dial-up connection. On the average, 3G wireless connections can be as twenty times faster than dial-up with speeds of up to 2Mbps. 3G has opened the doors for online video and music streaming, faster online communications, rapid downloads and other Internet activities that dial-up connections failed to carry out. The primary disadvantage of 3G wireless broadband is its dependence on the signal received by the Internet service provider or the cellular phone company. If you unfortunately reach a dead spot, your abilities to connect to the Internet will be totally lost. 4G is the successor of 3G and is believed to be an Internet connection that will be unmatched for several years. Being the fourth generation of wireless broadband, this type of Internet access boasts stable, constant and wide coverage. It is considered as the ultimate wireless broadband or the "ultra-broadband" everyone is looking forward to with speeds that can reach up to 100Mbit/s. Connections can spike up to 100Mbps or higher. Lesser download errors and larger data packets can be delivered by 4G wireless connections. Mobile phones with 4G Internet capabilities are expected to deliver three-dimensional graphics, which include holograms and 3D video conferencing. 4G wireless connections offers stable and constant Internet access whether indoors or outdoors. 4G relives the concept of Internet on the go, without constraints on the location and movement. 4G wireless broadband is expected to present the fastest high quality Internet access for stationary connections and a minimally reduced speed for moving receivers.
Unlimited satellite internet has changed the lifestyle of everyone - students, professionals and even those who stay at home. Information and entertainment is just about everywhere, as long as you have a good Internet connection. Choosing which type of wireless connectivity that best suits you depends on your virtual needs. But the faster the connection to the World Wide Web, the more expensive it gets.

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