BBA in finance is a 3-year undergraduate course that teaches you theoretical concepts of various financial components like corporate finance, banking, insurance, investment, etc. This course is offered by the best BBA colleges in Bhubaneswar or elsewhere. Since this course covers subjects regarding most domains, a BBA in finance graduate can work in various employment areas.

If you are interested in a career in finance, let’s take a look at the 4 areas you can work in.

1. Banking

For finance graduates, a career in banking is their number one choice as they offer great opportunities and well paid jobs. Some of these jobs are:

●Financial Planner
●Financial Analyst
●Investor Relations Associate
●Budget Analyst
●Credit Analyst

Apart from their primary job, a bank employee needs to have good communication skills to deal with the clients and customers. You will be offered on-job training on that front.

2. Corporate Finance

If you venture into a career in corporate finance, you will be tasked with finding money for the business, make the business grow, search for the market for potential acquisitions, and plan for its financial future. It can either be for a small business or a multinational company.

A career in corporate finance is considered to high pressure one as responsibilities come thick and fast. Responsibilities can be in the form of challenges or an urgent requirement. Thus, your problem solving and decision making skills will be put to test.

As the company looks at your long term progress than your short term, jobs in corporate finance are stable. Some other perks are working with a team, opportunities to travel and good pay.

3. Investment Banking

As an investment banker, you will facilitate deals between companies that want to raise money and investors who are willing to buy the securities of these companies. In financial terms, securities are known as a financial instrument that has monetary value and can be traded. Investment bankers help the companies in choosing the type of securities to issue and the investors to trade with. Investment bankers also help with the completion of mergers and acquisitions, including company valuation, strategizing, and deal finalizing.

With such high profile deals being involved, a career in investment banking is considered to be a lucrative one.

4. Insurance

With public and private players participating in the insurance sector, there are growing opportunities for people planning to make a career in insurance. Some of the major recruiters are:

●Life Insurance Corporation of India
●ICICI Lombard General Insurance
●ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
●HDFC Standard Life Insurance
●Oriental Insurance Co.
●Tata AIG General Insurance
●Birla Sunlife Insurance
●New India Assurance Co.
●Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

Apart from being an insurance agent, some other job profiles in this sector are consultants, surveyors, loss assessors, underwriters, claim settlers, salvage dealers, brokers, sub-brokers, etc.

These are some of the employment areas you can work in after graduating BBA in finance from one of the best BBA colleges in Odisha or elsewhere. All the best!

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