One of the reasons why you may be anxious about the ACT is the Science section. After all, isn’t it a really challenging subject in school? The jitters might be getting into you as the big day approaches.

Fret not because there’s a way out of it. Other than the fact that you need to adhere to an effective and meticulous ACT Science test prep and study plan, you also need to be aware of valuable “secrets” to acing this test. These are the tips and tricks in the ACT Science test that can bring in the boon of getting a high score.

Here are 4 foolproof tips to acing the ACT Science test.

• You don’t need to have background knowledge in Science to be able to get a high score. A primary concept that you need to consider in acing the Science test is that you actually don’t need to dig in all the complicated theories in the subject. The said test in the ACT is basically called the Science Reasoning Test, and you can get a high score in it even if you didn’t do well in physics, chemistry or biology in school. The ACT Science Reasoning Test has been predominantly designed to measure your skills in data analysis and interpretation. The passage included in the topic contains all the answers to the subsequent questions. The capabilities that you therefore need to hone to be able to get a high score is to pay good attention to details, particularly in reading graphs, pie charts, scatterplots, line graphs and tables.

• Prep and review the basic Science concepts that you have taken in class. A little bit of knowledge in these can boost your score. Knowing some fundamental scientific terms will make the test easier for you. However, getting a 36 in the ACT Science test is possible if you are particular in reading the passages. Although certain words may be unfamiliar, you can decipher their meaning through contextual clues. Taking practice tests is ultimately helpful if you want to master this topic of the ACT test.

• Skip reading the passages, but on the other hand, immediately move on to answering the questions. This is a classified secret to acing the ACT Science test. When you proceed to the topic, skip reading the passage and answer the questions straight way. The questions will point you to the exact location in the passage where the answer is contained. Be wary about the Conflicting Viewpoints section, though, because you cannot apply that strategy. You’ll be required to read the passage first.

• Use the time that you have left for checking your work and correcting mistakes. There are 40 questions in the ACT Science Reasoning Test that you have to accomplish in 35 minutes. Almost 1 minute is allocated for answering each question. You won’t be likely to be pressed for time in this section, leaving you ample moments to review your work by spotting and fixing errors. Contrary to what you may have believed, the Science Reasoning Test is more easily and quickly done with than all the other topics in the ACT.

These valuable secrets to acing the ACT Science Reasoning Test can be surprising. That’s why it makes sense to prepare and equip yourself with all the necessary information before tackling the ACT which is a significant endeavor in your academic career.

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