People continue to search for quick and easy fixes to weight loss. A non-diet weight loss approach, does not always seem like a popular solution because it is not one of “Instant Gratification” but, this weight loss approach can work for you and be gratifying at the same time.

This is how:

Whether you are eating with your family or eating alone, eating at home or dining out, the non-diet approach can be used whenever and wherever!

• Wow, that really does sound like a gratifying and motivating solution after all. Think about it, while eating dinner with your family you can apply the principals of eating as a naturally thin person. There is no longer the need to fix one meal for yourself and a different meal for your family. This also teaches children that it can be very natural and normal to eat regular food, but to stay focused on eating only to the level of satisfaction, not overeating. We have so many overweight children in America and this is a perfect way to lead by example in relationship to food. What Parent doesn’t want to give that freedom to their children?

• If you are eating alone you can once again eat the foods you love and still be in touch with your body to eat only to a level of satisfaction. This can be such a free and awesome feeling, eating slowly, paying attention, and trusting your own body, strategies to eating like a naturally thin person.

• Dining at home and preparing the foods that you and your family love and having no guilt around eating these family favorites is a great way to instead, focus on the meaningful relationships of your family. No matter what healthy and nutritious eating habits you have, or don’t have, you can learn to focus on eating only to a level of satisfaction and begin adopting smarter eating habits.

• This brings us to dining out, this is the most gratifying feeling of all, to be able to eat at your favorite restaurants with family and friends, enjoying the whole dining experience, and not feeling controlled by food. Learning the techniques and strategies of eating as the naturally thin gives you such freedom of eating out for any occasion, whether it be a romantic date, a dinner out with the family, a working lunch, fast food, or a whole holiday experience. Learning to leave food on your plate when dining out, because the typical restaurant portions are more than the body needs, is one of the secrets to the dining out experience.

As you can see it is fun and exciting to be eating with the non-diet approach, and how it can be used whenever and wherever the occasion. When enjoying freedom around food, you are instead focusing on relationships and living life to the fullest instead of letting food control your life.

To learn more about how to apply the principals of a non-diet weight loss approach contact me at or at my website: I work with clients by transforming bodies from the inside out by optimizing weight loss, getting fit, gaining energy, and most importantly enjoying life and health with motivation and confidence. I offer a free 30 minute one on one coaching session - to discuss tools, support and service to empower you to achieve your weight loss goals and build confidence to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Author's Bio: 

Lynne Tiede is a Certified Life Transitional/Body Breakthrough Coach, Workshop Leader, and Inspirational Speaker. She helps successful 40+ Women who feel stuck, discover their true self while facing common midlife transitions. Lynne helps clients build dreams, to make changes from the inside out, to create a life in harmony with their purpose and fulfillment.

For the past 2 years Lynne has worked with clients across the United States and Canada, helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives. She has led a book club and also held non-diet approach teleseminars.

As a sought after Life Coach and Body Breakthrough Coach Lynne offers inspiring workshops around the country, as well as, transformational in-depth coaching programs. She helps clients achieve new heights of success, to live a life they love living, in four domains: health (weight loss), relationships, vocation, and time and money freedom.