Certain factors can contribute to men feeling sadder and more fatigued. Some causes are related to lifestyle and environment while others concern biological processes within a man’s body. Here are four potential causes of fatigue and depression in men along with possible solutions to resolve the problems.

The Burden of Responsibility

Many men still feel the need to be the main providers for their families, and this can result in extra stress that causes more fatigue and takes a toll on mental health. According to Forbes.com, men are also likelier to take more dangerous jobs, such as firefighters, fishermen and roofers, and have a greater chance of dying at work, and this can create additional fatigue and sadness. Men should be reminded that they don’t always have to take on so many responsibilities in life, and learning to let go of some of these responsibilities can improve both physical and mental health in men.

Lack of Emotional Support

A lack of emotional support from friends and family members can cause some men to feel more tired and depressed. One of the main reasons why some men don’t get the emotional support that they need is because they still believe that men aren’t supposed to show too much emotion, as this can be perceived as a sign of weakness. Men who struggle to get emotional support will likely benefit from seeing a counselor to discuss their emotions in a safe, confidential setting.

Low Testosterone

Low testosterone is one of the main biological contributors to depression and fatigue in men. Insufficient testosterone levels can also result in erectile dysfunction, which can impact a man’s psyche and self-confidence negatively and cause him to feel sadder. NuMale Medical Center
is just one of the prestigious medical centers across the U.S. that offers low testosterone treatments that have been proven to be safe and effective.

Ignoring Symptoms

Men are sometimes known to be hesitant about going to a doctor even when they experience symptoms that could indicate a problem with physical or mental health. Ignoring these symptoms could exacerbate the problems with fatigue and depression and ultimately make coping with these problems much more difficult. Any prolonged body sensations or unhealthy thoughts should be brought to the attention of someone in the medical or mental health field so that a proper diagnosis can be made and the right treatment can be implemented.
Men aren’t immune to the effects of depression and fatigue. By discovering the exact causes of these problems, men can lead better lives with increased energy and more positive mindsets.

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