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A while back when I was getting ready to launch my book 'How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time' I decided to create a street video to help promote it.

I had only one question that I wanted to ask of many complete strangers. I wanted to document how different people would answer the same question, based on their own lives and circumstances.

What I found was in many, many cases their answer led me to ask another question, then another, then a final question. It was in these instances that those asked gave the most considered responses, delving deeper and deeper into the issue. In many cases they actually answered the most penetrating question they had probably been asked in years, if not decades.

They were as surprised by their answers as I was. Remarkable considering that not one interview took more than two minutes to complete, AND they were complete strangers to me.

Many wanted change things about their appearance, some about bad habits they had and some about the way they thought about themselves or others. I was moved and surprised at just how candid these people were, how open. I sincerely hope that some of them went home that day and actually made the change they said they wanted.

So what are the four questions you MUST ask yourself if you want to make any change in your life, whether it's to do with your relationships, your achievements, your lifestyle, your health, wealth and happiness or your career? Bare in mind the change MUST be about YOU - not your boss, or your neighbour, or the economy or anything else that you cannot influence.

Let me suggest that you get someone else to ask you these questions - a close friend or family member or even a colleague. Answer the first one before getting them to ask the second. Then answer that before they ask you the third, and so on. Answer as quickly as possible too as this is where the revelation is, when your mind doesn't have time to dwell on and possibly filter the answer.

It doesn't take long - as I said, of the 30 or so interviews I did on that cold day last February, not one took longer than two minutes!

Here are the 4 questions:

1. What is the ONE thing you'd like to change about YOURSELF today?
(This is not about your circumstances, this is about YOU.)

2. Why do you want to make that change?

3. How will you make that change?

4. What's stopping you?

Make a note of them, then forget about them until you have chosen someone to help you with this insightful exercise. If you decide you want to do them on your own then answer the first question NOW. Quick - answer!

To see the video go to YouTube and search for 'how to change your life stuart young' - it's 9 min 41 long, I hope you enjoy.

Take care

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Stuart currently runs his own print buying business servicing a small clientele. The day to day running is done from his home office but 2 - 3 times a week he is on the road going to meetings and managing the various projects. He also has a small property portfolio and a part time abstract art business on the side.

His main inspirations have come from Neale Donald Walsch, M. Scott Peck and Anthony Robbins. These three giants in the self improvement area have inspired Stuart to not only understand himself better but also other people with a view to helping them become the best they can be. He is passionate about all things psychology and loves to inspire, motivate and otherwise cajole people into making positive changes in their life.

His definition of a purposeful life is one filled with positive experiences that are shared amongst others and that have a positive impact on others.

His ultimate goal would be to have the freedom to dedicate his life to pursuing his purpose of having a positive impact on as many people as he can, in whatever way he can. Ideally juggling many different interests and ambitions such as a writer, musician and inventor amongst other things. He also has a vision to inspire kids from all walks of life from all over the world to realising their own dreams and ambitions through encouraging a positive mindset from an early age.

He currently lives in a beautiful village in the Berkshire countryside close to Ascot, Windsor Castle and the great Swinley Forest.