The ever growing world of science and technology is the reason behind the demand for manpower in the IT industry. The field is so vast that it can employ thousands of people with different skill sets. Still, the demands for few specific calibrations are high due to the complexities involved in it. One such field is the “Networking Industry”. The industry is growing at a very fast pace and has a huge demand for trained professionals. The career prospects in networking are excellent and hence students try their level best to showcase their talent and hence the competition is tough and fierce. To remain on the top students have started getting trained on different courses acclaimed by the industry.

CCNA Training (Cisco Certified Network Associate)
Cisco institute has earned, over the years, its name and is renowned for the networking education. This is due to the advanced, practical and latest market-related training they impart to their students. The most basic, principal, training in Cisco which a student must have a bright career is the – CCNA i.e. Cisco Certified Network Associate. Then there are advanced training in this field such as the ASA and the SASAA training. Before you get into the training programs you must understand the essentiality of these courses i.e. the reason CCNA training will skyrocket your IT career. You may broadly classify the reasons into four categories:

A.Need, Demand, and Acceptance
CCNA certification is embraced globally and employers aspire for candidates with this certification, with the belief that CCNA trained professionals add merit, efficacy, and mileage to their business as compared to a candidate without CCNA. Across the globe, 93% companies strongly agree with this and they follow it without fail. Even Cisco partners have a “sine qua non” to hire a CCNA trained professional. This gets copied by other business houses and groups as they have to be in competition with them. Hence with this certification, your chances of getting absorbed into the system are quite bright and instantaneous.

B.Plentiful Jobs, Packages, and Respectful Career
Globally jobs in this sector are getting generated in huge numbers and they prerequisite for such jobs are Cisco Certified Network associate certification. Having one under your belt is the guarantee to those jobs for you. When you are preferred over any other candidate because of the certification, then this is for sure you are offered a much heavier compensation package than others. The CCNA certification elevates your knowledge and skill sets in the subject matter and your expertise in the field of networking. You become a trained, skilled professional, hence you always get additional preference and respect from the management and you colleagues.

C.Easy access to Specialized Certifications and Courses
Once you are acquainted with the basics, you master the CCNA courses you have the knowledge to graduate yourself to a higher stage and acquire the more specialized courses like the ASA, SASAA, CCNA Security, and CCNA Wireless. The advantage of these advanced certifications will be that you can be promoted to a better level within the organization or maybe take up a superior and challenging assignment yourself. Your experience in CCNA and your certification in advanced courses will equip you with more confidence and better opportunities. You not only grow professionally but you grow personally as well.

D.CCNA is the Foundation Stone to your Networking Career
As CCNA is the principal course and is the stepping stone for your networking career. The certification corroborates you as a “Professional” and your entry the world of networking is considered as the entry of a knowledgeable person with the competencies of handling networking complexities and you command enterprise level networks. You become entitled to the more progressive courses like the SASAA – Advanced Cisco ASA Security which have the objectives of training you on the execution of the Cisco ASA identity Firewall policies, Cisco Fire Power Service Module, Cisco ASA Cloud web security and much more. You become the latest next generation professional in networking ecosystem. It prepares you for the real battle in the technically evolving networking industry.

CCNA training from a reputed institute will not only brighten your prospects in the networking arena but will also transform into a true professional, an expert in managing the difficulties which arise on a day to day issue. Your ability to handle such challenges will provide you a platform to showcase your talent and raise the benchmark in the organization for others to follow. When this training is so essential, critical to you and your career and surely will Skyrocket your career, you must opt for the best institute which can educate you with the correct and complete knowledge and impart the best course in the very latest methodology and techniques. You must also clarify if they cover full aspects of the certification or not.

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Michael Warne is a tech blogger and IT Certification Trainer at Koenig Solutions. He has an experience of 5 years in the industry, and has worked for top-notch IT companies. He is a Microsoft certified professional and is an IT career consultant for students who pursue various types of IT certifications.