It’s common to feel a little self-conscious about your smile, especially since half of British adults dislike smiling because they feel that their teeth are in poor shape. A survey of 2000 adults found that teeth can be a major source of stress for them, coming in close to the effect of difficult finances and relationships. If your smile is causing you to feel unsure of yourself and is affecting your self-confidence, it could be worth exploring simple cosmetic dental procedures to change your smile and change your life.

Here are four simple dental procedures which will make a huge difference to your overall wellbeing.

Teeth whitening

Although it can be tempting to pick up a tooth whitening home application kit in your local shop, for best results try supervised tooth whitening by a dental care professional. A dental practitioner can ensure complete safety during treatment and will guarantee you a whiter, cleaner smile. Tooth discolouration can occur as a result of diet and lifestyle habits, such as smoking or drinking a lot of coffee or red wine. Tooth whitening procedures are designed to rectify stained and discoloured teeth, producing long-lasting and natural results.

Inlays and onlays

If you’re looking to repair damaged teeth, inlays and onlays are alternatives to conventional fillings. Whereas fillings are soft until they mould to the tooth, inlays and onlays are made outside of the mouth. They are constructed in a dental laboratory, modelled on your teeth,and then bonded to your tooth. Inlays will sit in a hole in the tooth and onlays sit on the tooth, building up their shape. They can both be made in tooth-coloured white, gold or porcelain filling material called composite, easily matching them to the colour of your other teeth. Inlays and onlays are also very strong and long-lasting when compared to regular fillings.

Composite bonding

Composite bonding is designed to be a more affordable and simpler alternative to veneers. Dentists use tooth-coloured composite resin to repair cracks, chips or breaks in teeth, especially helpful to those who feel self-conscious about gaps in teeth. A small amount of resin is applied to the affected tooth in order to improve its colour, proportions and overall appearance. As it sets, the resin sculpts to the desired shape and fills your damaged teeth. The composite is matched perfectly to the colour of your teeth, ensuring a natural result. Composite bonding is a pain-free and subtle procedure.

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner guarantees you a straight smile in 6-16 weeks, beating many of its competitors in terms of treatment time. The Inman Aligner uses a clear bar on the front teeth, as well as a coiled spring behind. These mechanisms work together to squeeze teeth into alignment, meaning teeth are supported from the front and back and are quickly and safely moved. This is one of the cheapest and simplest options for teeth straightening. Pick up an Inman Aligner from Ten Dental and notice rapid results.

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