Cookies, cakes, and sugar, oh my! Those sweet tasting foods taste oh so good; they have you on a natural high. But, you’re feeling of euphoria is not the only thing that is high, so is your blood sugar. When you feed into your cravings and indulge into those decadent sweets, your blood sugar goes off the charts which can leave you feeling sluggish, tired, and just out of energy. Follow these simple tips to help stop food cravings before they start.
1. Take Time to Prepare Nutritious Meals
It’s no secret in this fast paced world; it’s very easy to get food on the go. And most of the time that fast food is filled with hidden sugars. Ever wonder why you crave sugar after you ate a so-called “healthy” meal? Take time to nourish your body, and this means simply prepare healthy and nutritious home cooked meals. This way you know exactly what’s going in your mouth, and you can eat at a slow and steady pace.
2. Follow a Healthy Diet
Dieting means following a healthy balanced diet rather than cutting out various
Nutrients from your daily food intake to lose a few pounds. Regulate the time and
quantity of your food intake and take steps to improve your digestion.
3. Stop Eating Bland Food
I know you are trying to watch your figure, but sacrificing your taste buds is just not good for business. Eating bland and tasteless food will increase your cravings for food. Start getting some cook books and try different spices and herbs to sizzle your taste buds with delight.
4. Exercise to Stop Food Cravings
Instead of reaching for the bag of chips, go for a healthy walk instead. Most of the time, you are probably eating out of boredom, and tricking your mind that you need a sneaky snack to satisfy your craving. But, you just may need a burst of energy, and you can get your energy by going on a brisk walk, or pumping iron at the gym.

Sometimes it’s hard to stop cravings, and if you absolutely must have that piece of chocolate, go for it. But, don’t overindulge. Take a bitty bite and then move on. However, if you can always opt for a succulent and juicy fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth if necessary. Once you stop food cravings, you will feel more energized and balanced.

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