We are in a world today where there's a need to create good content that can make online marketing campaigns successful and easier to achieve. However, it's always challenging for companies or business owners to create great content due to a lack of one or two steps that can make their work effective. That's why some intelligent owners of businesses are trying their best to look for ways to achieve an excellent content marketing campaign.

One of the ways through which these business owners try to improve their content is by creating a very effective pillar page. Over time, effective pillar pages do serve as a means of gathering and expressing content present on the website to guests and search engines. According to a SiglCreative report, most individuals engage with a business seven times before eventually becoming customers. This means that you need to ensure excellent content is always available for them as that will make them turn from being potential customers to being loyal ones and we'll be discussing things to include in your pillar page, which can, in turn, increase the chances of achieving a successful content marketing campaign.

Discussing Pillar Page

Did you know that what comes to the mind of most content marketers is that they want their content to rank high on search engines? Well, you can't blame them, and this is because they always have it in mind to convert visitors into leads and ultimately make guests become full-time customers. This is why having a great strategy, like creating a solid and effective pillar page, makes them stand out among other people in a content-driven business world. Pillar pages are extensive pages that house in detail a particular topic and also ensure other issues are linked internally.

A good pillar page is both user- and search-engine-friendly, can give great value to the target audience, and ultimately ensures your digital marketing campaign succeeds. Also, pillar pages are usually longer than a regular blog post because of the topic aspects, which make them rank high on search engines; however, they don't have to contain much content as that's the work of preparing a content cluster. Pillar pages benefit your SEO campaign by creating topic authority, enhancing site interlinking, and ensuring no keyword cannibalism. There are different pillar pages, including services, high-value and resources.

Things to Include in a Pillar Page

To record considerable success when running a digital marketing campaign, it's essential to create a pillar page that can generate a rush of organic traffic and increase website ranking. However, drafting an excellent pillar page is often challenging, as even a subject matter specialist can struggle to create one.

That's why you need to have an idea about things to include in a pillar page, and they include the following:

1. Clear Topic Definition (Introduction)

Before creating a pillar page, one of the things you should try to do is start with a concise introduction that can effectively describe the main topic. When you can create a clear topic introduction, it'll be easier for readers to understand what they will be getting from reading the page. Also, since you aim to rank high on search engines, you should use keywords when writing pillar pages.

2. Targeted Internal Linking Strategy

Unlike every other element that makes up content, pillar pages are a bit different as they don't stand alone. Pillar pages are like cores that connect subtopics within your website, and internal links can be integrated to aid the supporting pages. Aside from ensuring that users can easily navigate through the website, it allows them to engage with the content, thus boosting SEO.

3. SEO and Mobile Optimization

You should never forget that when creating your pillar page, it's crucial to optimize it to increase the chance of achieving visibility in search results. Another thing is that we are in an era where mobile devices are extensively used by people worldwide, which means your pillar page should be optimized and active for mobile users. This is because most website traffic comes from many mobile device owners.

4. Presence of Call to Action (CTA)

Of course, your pillar page will be incomplete without including a call-to-action that can prompt readers to take action on the website. For instance, you can create CTAs in forms, links, or buttons, making them subscribe to newsletters. A clear call-to-action can help readers carry out a useful activity by downloading the helpful materials and going through other resources that can benefit them on your website.


With an effective pillar page, it's always easier to build a strong foundation for your content campaign and provide valuable information to your audience. Also, if you are looking forward to increasing traffic to your website, then it's essential to create pillar pages with many exciting elements. Some things you can include in your pillar page involve having a clear topic definition (introduction), optimizing the pillar page for mobile devices and SEO, and including a call-to-action. Here are even more pillar page ideas

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Angela Ash is a professional writer and editor, focusing on topics like business, travel and mental health.