Men and technology have often been synonymous with each other. However in recent years, there is a growing focus on women and their roles in technology.

Women today are no longer mere laboratory assistants in technology. Instead, women today are part of the technology “brain-child” – designing new innovations and solutions that will help businesses in the future.

Yet, women today are still being put in the backseat in technology-related roles. While we hear of numerous renowned tech geniuses, the likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, we rarely see a female tech genius on the same platform. Without providing a platform for women to step up to tech roles, businesses could potentially lose out in these untapped potential. Here are some ways in which organisations can encourage more women to stay in tech roles:

Creating a conducive workplaces
Organisations first need to create an ideal workplace in which employees can be their best self. And this includes providing equal opportunities to all employees regardless of gender. In other words, this means that leaders as well as HR need to implement policies and practices to provide an unbiased workplace for employees to work in. This helps female employees to understand the various opportunities available to them and that the organisation is willing to invest in their potential.

Allowing diverse inputs
Promoting inclusivity and diversity is a great retention strategy for women in tech roles. Creating a panel that discusses diversity within the organisation helps to create awareness around diversity issues. At the same time, creating a panel of employees with mixed gender makes its comfortable for employees to speak up about gender-related issues.

Nurture potentials
Many women do not continue their careers in technology-related roles due to the glass ceiling that they face. In addition to providing a conducive workplace for employees, organisations need to also provide sufficient opportunities for women in tech roles to expand their careers. This could include implementing a talent management program, in which specific programmes and internship opportunities are provided to women in tech roles. This provides a platform for women in tech roles to grow and expand their careers, eliminating the glass ceiling that most women face in these roles.

Empower women
Finally, the best way to retain women in tech roles is to provide them with the support that they need. This could include creating a women’s employee resource group as well as mentoring programs to help women with their long-term engagement in tech roles. Likewise, providing flexible work arrangements, generous maternity coverage as well as ease of transition back into the workplace can help to contribute towards retain women in tech roles in the long run.

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