Dutch ovens are cookware that are slowly gaining importance amongst the consumers today. There are multiple uses of these ovens and not many people are aware of the same. In this article, we bring to you the best 4 ways in which you can use the Dutch oven. So, read on:

1.Use your Dutch Oven to Make Stews and Soups:

Dutch ovens have been recognized as an important cookware that can easily be used to cook stews and soups of varied varieties. Some of the recipes that can easily be cooked in Dutch ovens include Braised chicken soup with vegetables, Squash soup, Soy,and honey garlic chicken, amongst a host of other recipes. What works best for the Dutch ovens is the fact that they are very good kitchenware when it comes to braising. Also, the soup will remain hot for a longer period of time when you take it out. Thus, these go a long way in helping you make good quality soups and stews.

2.Baking Bread:

Another interesting use of the Dutch ovens come in the form of making bread. Only very recently, people have realized that free-form bread can be as delicious as the bread made from kneading the dough. The bread so made will end up having a nice crust and golden brown color-exactly the type that you want to eat. The steam that comes out of the oven due to the covered glass also ensures that you get a fluffy bread which is light. The bottom layer also ends up being crispy and tasty. Not only bread, you can bake a wide variety of items including chocolate chips, cornbread, amongst various other baking recipes.


Interestingly, not many people know that the Dutch ovens can as well be used for deep frying of some of the food items. Due to the size of these ovens, the oil that splashes out at the time of frying is minimized and the heat is also evenly distributed. This goes a long way in helping you deep fry food to the best of your ability while reducing the mess around that is otherwise created.


Another handy use of these Dutch ovens is that you can use it to roast your own chicken or beans. The material that goes into the making of the Dutch oven is such which makes it possible for you to get the heat evenly distributed throughout the vessel and that is how you can roast your food up to a perfect temperature.

Apart from the above, Dutch ovens can be used to poach your food, for baking beans, as casseroles, and several other things. Hence, if you already do not have a Dutch oven at home, you should get it today and make cooking easier and simpler.

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