Exercises To Do Together
by Al Link and Pala Copeland


The lights went out. Only then could we see withour our eyes.
Al Link

Time for Exercise: all day and night (short variation: one hour or more)

Properties Required: blindfold


  1. One lover puts on a blindfold as soon as she wakes up and keeps it on until the next morning.
  2. Her partner, who is not wearing a blindfold, acts as a guide for her when she requests his assistance. Another day he will wear the blindfold.


  • Condense the exercise into one hour.
  • Get up and walk through the house in complete darkness in the middle of the night.
  • Walk around outside on the darkest of nights when there is no moon or artificial light nearby. Pack a flashlight for emergencies.


This exercise forces you to rely on senses other than sight. You might be amazed at how much you rely on sight for so many things. You might also be amazed at how many things you can do for yourself without being able to see. This exercise also forces you to be vulnerable to your lover. You must surrender and allow yourself to be cared for. This is a spiritual exercise. Something about being deprived of sight gives you the opportunity to go more deeply inside to the quiet center of the cyclone of your consciousness.

Author's Bio: 

Al Link and Pala Copeland own and operate 4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra. They regularly host lover’s romantic weekends near Ottawa Canada, and weeklong retreats in exotic locations. For more information call toll free from Canada or USA: 1-800-684-5308 International long distance: 1-819-689-5308. Visit their websites, and their blog Ask About Love and Sex or send email: They have four books published including Soul Sex: Tantra for Two, New Page, 2003; The Complete Idiot's Guide to Supercharged Kama Sutra, Penguin, 2007; Sensual Love Secrets for Couples: The Four Freedoms Body, Heart, Mind and Soul, Llewellyn 2007; Tantra Step by Step: 28 Days to Ecstasy, Llewellyn 2007.

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