Exercises To Do Together
by Al Link and Pala Copeland


Time for Exercise: 15 minutes to overnight

Properties Required: sleeping bags; do a bit of research beforehand to identify some of the constellations of stars that can be seen in your location at the present season of the year (optional)


  1. Lie out under the stars when the sky is clear and you are away from other sources of light, for instance, on a beach away from the city. (If possible, sleep out under the stars.) Orient yourself and locate any constellations you can identify.
  2. Know that you are part of this wondrous vastness. You belong here. You have something to do while you are here. Ask your higher self, “What is my purpose in being in this body, on this planet Earth, at this time in history?”
  3. Ask your higher self, “What is it that I most love to do?”
  4. Imagine how the thing you most love to do and the thing you were sent here to accomplish are somehow the same thing.
  5. Ask your higher self for guidance when you go to sleep: “How can I use what I most love to do to fulfill my purpose in life?”


The universe or cosmos contains everything that exists. The universe is believed to “vibrate” out of “strings.” According to Dan Falk, “Each string is as small compared to an atom as an atom is compared to the solar system.” The average galaxy contains about 200 billion (200,000 million) stars. Our Milky Way Galaxy is one of hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe. As you stare out at the stars and the vastness of the night sky, ponder the concept of infinity. Infinity means no beginning and no end. Infinity goes smaller than you can imagine. Infinity is larger than you can conceive.

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