The world is moving toward much virtualization. Millennials these days spend time on their smartphones and other gadgets rather than face to face meetups. So as we all know that necessity is the mother of all inventions. One of the many solutions for the online chatting and community, we have the best discord bots available for proper, needful use. Discord is one of the most popular chat platforms, especially for the gamers community.

Many online available servers for separated and assigned for different-different use cases and requirements are available at fingertips. There are many servers available for many communities; individuals can make their servers, and people can join each other's servers. So now coming to bots, what are they? They are simply modules, or we can say tools available for the enhancement of the functionalities of your servers. The obvious thing is that there may be many bots available and would have somehow super cool features and functionalities that can be added on to the top of your servers. Because of the availability of some of the best discord bots nowadays, Discord is gaining more and more popularity. If your having any problem in running your Discord maybe it is because your Discord stuck on connecting. You can fix the issue by reading the above article.

You can dive deeper and explore on your own functionality and the usage benefits of using Discord online chat platform. You can simply download and experience it by clicking on this link


Mee6 is the handiest and popular discord bot. Using this bot is effortless, even the new users find it uncomplicated. It is easily among the best discord bots.

What gives MEE6 its reputation?

MEE6 dashboard gives the user full access to create custom commands. Commands like giving or removing roles and sending a message in the current channel or DM can be automated.

A welcome message can be used as a medium to address the newcomers and provide the rules and events on the server. Shortly after they have joined, the user can give them a role or choose not to.

Gamers love to compete, and they love the rewards even more. Users can create a leaderboard and let them compete and reward the winners by upgrading their roles or giving them special privileges.

The moderation system allows users to keep a check on ads, spam, and indecent content on the server. Offenders will also be banned temporarily or permanently based on the number of offenses automatically.

Notification alerts for Twitch live streaming, Youtube video uploads, reddit posts of favorite gamers or celebrities can be assigned and can even access the content without leaving the discord server.

Dank memes

The DANK MEMER is the biggest bot for creating and sharing memes alongside having fun with friends. It is a unique multifunction bot with memes as a priority. It is a package of multiple bots like image manipulation bot, meme bot, music bot, and currency bot.

Why the biggest entertainment bot?

Dank Memer's highlight features include allowing the user to generate popular meme formats with their text. The unique currency feature allows users to rob banks, steal money from your friends, and buy weird items with the earnings.

This bot is a must to keep the members engaged on the server, as it amongst the best discord bots for quality entertainment. There are discussions, debates, polls, and more going on all the time.

Although there is some basic moderation tools built-in, a bot with upgraded Moderation tools is recommended.


Featuring a simple and innate Web dashboard, DYNO is a completely customizable discord bot for the server. It's a variety of features that will make it easy to manage the server and also provide many fantastic and beneficial features for the members.

Why Dynobot?

Moderation includes mod logs, timed mutes, and bans. Auto-Moderation and anti-spam are also available with full configuration abilities.

Everything can be easily enabled, disabled, and configured because of feature-rich Web dashboard. It is also a discord music bot with playlists and DJ roles included. A user can be assigned the role of a DJ, who then can play music of his choice.

Some common features like Autoroles, Announcements, Reminders, Custom commands, and much more are also available. It is the second among best discord bots after MEE6 for general operations but is equally capable.


Fredboat is a little complex compared to other music bots, but it has features like no other bots. It is clearly among the best discord bots for music enthusiasts.

What makes Fredboat special?

Music from YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Twitch, Wastebin, Vimeo, Spotify, and even direct links can be accessed. Unlike other bots, music from both YouTube and SoundCloud is supported.

Key features of Fredboat include repeating, shuffling, showing play history, and exporting the current queue.

The permissions system on Fredboat allows the user to categorize access levels for different ranks like admin, DJ, and the user. Permissions to control the Fredboat can be created, giving trustworthy server staff, regular users, and some control over it. It also includes basic Moderation commands like banning and kicking.

There are many music bots out there, but what makes Fredboat stand out among the best discord bots for music is the lack of uptime issues, limited platform, and buggy playback.


Tatsumaki is an exceptionally proficient discord bot covering all areas, with features customized to improve Moderation and increase server usage.

Why Tatsumaki?

The Moderation features on Tatsumaki are mostly configured. There are many commands for Moderation, configure welcome messages, prune messages, control users, notifications, and several others that are built-in and ready to use.

The Tatsumaki bot allows any change in the bot's settings from the dashboard and is not restricted to only Discord. Within Discord, the user can search the Web and follow up on RSS feed also.

The most distinct feature of Tatsumaki bot, which makes it stand out among other bots, is its Incentive system. This system encourages users to be more active on servers by rewarding them with Levels and XP. The leaderboard shows the standing of users in the visually attractive card, which increases their popularity. Users can also use real money to customize their card.

This is one of the best discord bots with tons of fun and colorful features. Besides, these users can also browse YouTube, run polls, and more.


These are the 5 BEST DISCORD BOTS covering all bases and features. Fix Discord Mic not working by reading this article. This article already helps a lot of people. People planning on using Discord or the already using it must have these five bots on their Discord for a mind-blowing and smoother experience.

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