It is a matter of great inconvenience when your boiler breaks down in the winter season. You need to take several measures for preparing your boiler and avoid the risk of faults in winter. As compared to traditional boilers, modern boilers provide great convenience and efficiency. But still, it is necessary to maintain boilers and go for central heating repairs to last for longer durations during cold periods.

The five maintenance tips for boiler during the winter season are as follows-

Go For Boiler Service

Many boiler systems need boiler servicing that must be done annually to comply with the warranty. An engineer is responsible for cleaning all the boiler components and other parts in this servicing. With this, you can prevent blockages in your boiler, and the engineer can make sure that all the components are functioning efficiently. If any part or component is worn or broken, the engineer replaces them, leaving your boiler in the best working condition. The best thing is to book for a gas boiler repair in advance (before the winter season) to resolve all the underlying problems.

Insulation Of Pipes

During the cold winter months, water in your pipes gets to freeze. This may cause pipes to burst as freezing water gets to expand. Your boiler won’t be able to work at all if the condensate boiler pipe happens to freeze. Pour tepid water for unfreezing over the boiler instead of boiling water since it may damage more. The best way to prevent your pipes from freezing is just by insulating them by contacting a boiler installation islington. Pipe insulation is important for boilers that are located in garages or outside. Keep your heating at a low temperature throughout the cold season to prevent pipes from freezing. Set a timer when you want to increase the heating. This will help to keep your house warm and maintain the overall temperature.

Check The Pressure Of The Boiler

If your boiler's pressure becomes low and tends to lose pressure, this may result in the low efficiency of your boiler. It is better to take the reading from the gauge to check the boilers pressure. You can use taps if there is low pressure. This will increase the temperature to the desired level.

Let Your Radiators Bleed

Your radiators can trap air which often prevents efficient circulation of warm water around them. When radiators are bled from time to time, they work with maximum efficiency. You will need a cloth/towel and a radiator key for bleeding your radiators.

• Turn your heating off. When the radiators are turned on, you can’t bleed them. When you turn on tour radiators, hot water will spray out of them.

• Constantly keep a check to ensure that your radiators are working properly.

• For turning the valve on the radiator top, use the radiator key. Then attach the radiator key to the groove (at the valve's center) and turn it anticlockwise. When the trapped air tends to escape from your radiator, you’ll hear a hissing noise.

• Water will leak out when the hissing noise stops. Then turn clockwise by retightening the valve.

• After tightening the valve, turn on the central heating

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Checking Thermostat

Incorrect reading of temperature may occur for a room due to a faulty thermostat that will cause too much hotness or coldness. Your heating won’t be appropriate if the thermostat has blown as your valve won’t get any signal to the radiator to heat.

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