The law makes sure that criminals do not go scot free. The law also makes sure that nobody is convicted without being proven guilty. This leaves people, who are charged with a crime, with the hope that their case can be dismissed.

But, it requires skillful action from a competent criminal law attorney in MD to get your case dismissed.

The following are the situations in which a lawyer can strive to dismiss your case.

1. Lack of reasonable cause for arrest

A cop cannot arrest just anybody based on gut feeling or hunch. He/she must have a proper reason to believe that the individual in question has committed a crime. The reason should be based on facts, not fancies.

If your lawyer finds a lack in the reason for your arrest, there is hope that your charges will be dismissed.

2. Error in writing a complaint

If the criminal complaint fails to comply with the local law or state law due to an important error or omission, your case can be dismissed.

Now here surfaces the importance of hiring a competent criminal law attorney in MD who has an eye for detail and a keen sense of ‘sniffing out’ legal loopholes.

The complaint should be duly signed under oath by the law enforcement officer who writes it. In case there is an error or missing of a detail, the prosecutor cannot edit the document. Only the officer who has signed it can do this.

In case he or she was the only officer involved in your case and now this officer is no longer on the job, your case can be dismissed.

3. Illegal search or stop

If a police officer searches your house or stops your car without a warrant, this is a breach of your constitutional rights. Your lawyer can use this point to get your case dismissed.

An officer can search your house or your vehicle without a warrant only in certain circumstances, such as after making an arrest, if the officer has a solid reason to believe you possess a deadly weapon, or if he/she hears gunfire shots from your house.

4. Lack of evidence

Your case gets dismissed if the judge or the grand jury do not find enough evidence or convincing evidence to prove the charges against you.

5. Unavailability of witness

If the key witness to your case does not reach the court on time or refuses to testify, the prosecutor will have to dismiss your case. Also, in case an important piece of evidence gets lost, your case closes because of the lack of enough evidence in the court to prove you guilty beyond doubt.

Being charged with a crime is not the end of the world. The prosecutor must prove in the court of law that you are guilty of committing the crime. Only then would you get the punishment.

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