Is Your Flirting Technique Up To Par?

How we flirt says a lot about who we are and what our chances of finding love or starting a relationship.

Take a look at the top five flirting styles and see which one best portrays you.

1. The Traditional Flirt.
In traditional flirting, males tend to be the initiator and women expect them to be. These tend to be introverted individuals who save their flirting for people they already know. Such as men flirting with someone they've known a while and are comfortable with. The gender roles of a man being in charge and a Woman being a more submissive type are at play here.

2. The Physical Flirt.
These individuals use a lot of touching to send their message. There's the innocent touch of the hand or knee, slipping an arm around a female as you move through a crowd or dancing a little too close. The male usually does the chasing and the female may reciprocate over time. There might be sexting, phone calls or playful conversation at work. This is the easiest way to communicate nonverbal sexual innuendo. Physical flirting is most likely to lead to relationships. The physical flirt often has a greater ability to develop emotional connections.

3. The Sincere Flirt.
These are open and straightforward individuals that go straight for it. They make you the center of attention with compliments, questions about your life and just making you feel great about yourself. Curiously, while males fall into this category, women tend to use it more, almost unknowingly expressing a desire to create a trusting and heartfelt connection. This type of flattery works well with most people because who doesn't like to be told they are great in every way.

See Any Similarities Yet?

4. The Polite Flirt.
These are thoughtful people - probably a little introverted or shy - who are careful around others and more so around people they have an interest with. They approach slowly. You're more likely to find these individuals at a coffee shop or bookstore as opposed to a bar or night club. There will be less sexting and more proper and cautious communication as they probe your interest. Because of their shyness often they will find it hard to find a lasting and meaningful connection. This is not to say this method doesn't work but it usually will take more time and effort.

5. The Playful Flirt.
The playful flirt is in it for the fun, not for love or connection. They'll start a conversation to get something from you even if it's only attention. They will flirt with either sex. The ego boost is a rush and they harmlessly flirt even if in a serious relationship.

Whether through sexting or buying drinks, Flirting is good for your mental well-being as well as helping you find your true self while trying to make a positive impact on others. But flirting's also about restraint. Overdoing it can make you look desperate and silly. You will just come across as annoying rather than thinking you look attractive.

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