You can meet your next first date at work, bar, in friend circle or through an introduction agency in Sydney. Going out on a first date with someone you met at a bar might lead to an awful time. Friends think that they know you, but it’s not always the case. The same goes for people at work. You think that you know them but you usually don’t get personal with the person’s goals or ideas in the workplace. An introduction agency is similar to an online dating service. You can interact with the potential date via email and get to know their likes and dislikes. You can then decide whether to go on a “real first date” or not.
If you want your first date to be a success, then you might want to follow some of the do's and don’ts of dating.

You might want the first date to be in a public place that you can set a time limit. Meeting for a cup of coffee during lunch or right after work might make an ideal first date. It is also a good idea that you not take your friends with you. You want to get to know the person not have them asked a lot of questions that might seem uncomfortable. If you decide to date this person, you don’t want your friends to question your judgment.

Be yourself on this first date plus you don’t want to become an open book in your first meeting. Only share information that you are willing for others to know. You want to know about the other person so listen and pay attention. Ask questions of the other person but only if you are willing to share the same information with him/her. Save your personal information once the bounds of trust have been established.

Be prepared for unexpected first date ideas. Dinner and a movie can be very expensive, so your date might suggest take-out food, video games and some music might prove a better way to get to know your date. Also bring a pair of comfortable shoes with you, just in case there is a long walk involved. Your feet will thank you if you aren’t wearing high heels.

DO NOT talk about past boy/girlfriends and what went wrong with your relationship. It can highlight your past mistakes at a time that you are moving forward, not backward. The same goes for children, money and sexual preferences. These matters should be mentioned as the relationship grows and not as a way to frighten your date. The same can be said about health issues. If you have an illness, see how the first few dates progress and then inform him/her. If you let him fall for you then an illness will not stand in the way.

Call a friend for a prep talk and meet the person with a positive attitude. Things don’t always go right even when you plan them beforehand. You plan a picnic, it rains; reservations at a restaurant, it’s closed; a home cooked meal, you burn it. Dealing with life’s little setbacks shows how adaptable you are if a genuine crisis occurs.

Most people decide quickly if they want to go on Date #2. Women don’t have to wait for the man to ask. They can do the asking and the planning. That is a much better way than sitting by the phone or computer waiting for a call or text. You are then wondering if it was something that you did or didn’t do.

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