Is your wardrobe is holding you back? Have you taken the time to develop a personal style – one that reflects you?

Keller’s Rules to Dress By:

1. Express your individuality. Remember, you are your brand. By being true to yourself you will be authentic. If you are warm, open, accessible dressing like a femme fatale won’t cut it. You’ll look silly and people will notice the disconnect immediately. First impression: She’s phony.

2. Know what you are selling. If you need to come across as knowledgeable, insightful and savvy, then dressing in a mini skirt, no stockings, and midriff will project the opposite message. First impressions: She’s a tart. Avoid low-rise pants and any other hints that you haven’t completely finished college.

3. Pay attention to who’s looking. Who are you trying to influence or persuade? What rules do they go by? Wear a pair of two inch heels, freshly pressed suit, a collared blouse and one strand of perils to a luncheon with the company CEO. First impression: She is serious - someone I can count on.

4. What’s in it for you? What do you need to get from the situation, meeting or introduction? If you’re on a blind date, what end result to you want? If you think you want to get to know the guy, dressing with less skin showing, a bit conservative with a little flare for mystery may get you the appropriate attention. (Subtleties and mysteries make women more interesting). First impression: She’s someone I would ask out on a second date. Remember, the decision to accept is still up to you!

5. Dress with confidence. This is the smart look. If something doesn't feel right on you and you can't be comfortable in your own skin, then how smart are you? Your clothes should match your personality, your attitude and your destiny. Dress for success even though you are still a work in progress. First impression: This lady knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it.

The way you dress is a window into the subconscious. Yana Mikheeva, in Psychology of Clothing, details a list of seven styles seen in public today. So what do psychologist’s say about a woman’s choice of clothes? Here’s what the experts say:

1. Classic style. Core feature - moderation and tradition. No extremes but may incorporate a fashionable trend or two. This reveals self-confidence, no need to prove themselves to people, only uses clothing to show style.

2. Sporty style. Core feature – prominence, tried and true professions. This is a woman chasing the youthful look, healthy way of living, living the ‘good’ life.

3. Grunge style. Core feature – anything that challenges the status quo. This reveals rebellion and an ‘I dare you’ attitude. It says ‘I can if I want to.’ It can be a sign of self-destruction.

4. Exotic (ethnic) style. Core feature – thirst for travel or mental escape. This woman wishes to live in a fairy-tale, escaping from reality to a dream world.

5. Military style. Core feature – break from the feminine and a desire to gain footing in masculine qualities. This woman has a need for decisiveness and power. Picture a reflection of a father raising his daughter as a boy.

6. Country style. Core feature – simplistic and natural. This woman desires connection to nature and nostalgia.

7. "La Femme Fatal." Core feature – fashionable to the extreme; high heels, skirt with cut, revealing blouse. This woman does not see her other attributes so uses her physical traits to attract men, thereby, creating a false sense of security.

It’s up to you - dress for success, or failure. Show your deepest self, or cover it up with a mask. Do whatever makes you feel safe, comforts you, or trips your trigger.

But don’t forget, when you're getting dressed or remarking on someone’s clothes, you're probably saying more than you think.

On the other hand, sometimes a skirt is just a skirt.

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